Saturday, November 27, 2004

100 Things About Me

I've seen this list on other blogs. I thought it would be work as a permanent fixture in my profile, but alas, I don't think I can do that here. Or maybe I could, and I just don't know how (see #42). At any rate, I did not really plan on this list being my first post, but here it is.

I don't know where I want to go with this blog idea. There are several others that I read regularly and it looked like fun, but being the thinker that I am (see #9), I have lots of thoughts and questions and ideas about what direction I will go. I am sure eventually this first post will come back to embarrass me, but I have learned if I wait till I think I am altogether ready to do something, I would never actually do anything.

I hope to be able to post photos soon, provided I can overcome my problem (# 42), and I will have some things to say about them. Stick around, or check back, things may get better as soon as I relax (see #5) a little bit. Or not.

I wonder, what are the odds of someone coming across this thing if I myself do not send anybody here? Ah well, here is the list, in a very stream of consciousness style:

1. Call me Ishmael. Nah, you can call me Annie.
2. I am old enough to know better.
3. If I could afford it, I’d schedule regular therapy sessions like some people schedule manicures or massages.
4. I could eat rice and gravy everyday and not get tired of it.
5. I am slow to warm up and get comfortable with people, consequently, I don’t present well at first glance.
6. I am shy.
7. I am quiet.
8. I sometimes think too much.
9. Sometimes, I appear to be aloof.
10. I do not show emotion well.
11. You could come tell me I won a million dollars and I’d probably only smile and say, “Really? That’s nice.”
12. I love deeply.
13. I love guardedly.
14. I am cautious.
15. I have a hard time letting go.
16. My childhood heroes were Captain Kangaroo and Roy Rogers.
17. Yes, I am one of those born-again Christians, one who struggles to remember that what we have been told is to “be ye transformed”, not “be ye perfect.”
18. I take great pride in being open-minded and I work hard not to be judgmental.
19. I sometimes worry about being too open-minded.
20. I am a hypocrite. So?
21. I have never eaten caviar.
22. I have sampled alligator balls, seasoned clumps of alligator meat, breaded and deep-fried, didn’t care too much for them.
23. I was born in the great state of Texas.
24. I was raised, er, reared in the state of Louisiana.
25. I can both confirm and obliterate your stereotypes of what a Southerner is.
26. I am atypical.
27. I am typical.
28. I presently abide in the state of what appears to be mass chaos, but even in chaos, there is order. Really.
29. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.
30. I am a firm believer in the power of keeping a journal.
31. I am sometimes weird.
32. I love puppies. Too bad they grow into dogs.
33. I would like to be more out-spoken in real life.
34. I may change names and details to protect the innocent. This is not lying. Is it?
35. I sometimes tend to be too hard on myself.
36. I am currently in school, pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art. Going to school, like therapy, is sort of addicting to me. I may continue on after I get this degree.
37. I tend not to sweat the minor details, like “how will I pay for more schooling?” and “what about my obligation to contribute to the family finances?”
38. I hate Algebra, and I am only taking the “baby Algebra”, the kind they teach in the eighth grade here in Louisiana. They probably teach this stuff in the fourth grade everywhere else.
39. I am not really an artist, though I am creative.
40. I have learned to draw, a little bit. Drawing is about seeing things as they are, and in trying to see all the lines and angles as they are, I sometimes find myself totally absorbed in drawing, almost in a meditative state. Drawing is one of the few activities where I become so immersed in what I am doing that my mind focuses only on that one thing. Otherwise, my head is always full of thoughts that are totally unrelated to what I am doing.
41. My photography teacher says I am technologically challenged.
42. It’s a shame that I am technologically challenged because so much of this curriculum is done using computers.
43. I may be in the wrong field.
44. I sometimes can be found wandering around in left field.
45. Challenge is good.
46. Change is good.
47. I want to help people, to make a difference in the lives of others.
48. Sometimes I am selfish.
49. I am a late bloomer.
50. It’s okay to be a late bloomer.
51. It’s fun to be a late bloomer.
52. One day, I want to work with the local literacy program to teach someone to read.
53. I think one day, I’d like to work on a Habitat for Humanity House.
54. I am working on a course to learn how to teach journaling.
55. I don’t like very many pictures of myself.
56. I don’t like the way my voice sounds, but that’s not uncommon, according to my speech teacher.
57. I write poetry.
58. I should have been a teacher.
59. People thought I’d be a missionary, or a preacher’s wife.
60. No offense meant to the preacher’s wife, but I would rather be the preacher and not the preacher’s wife.
61. They frown on that in my denomination, women being preachers.
62. I am a curious person, inquisitive curious, I mean, although it is also true that I am curious, oddly curious.
63. I told you I was weird.
64. I collect quotes.
65. I don’t like it when people are rude or condescending to other people.
66. I really don’t like when people misuse the word “y’all”. “Y’all” is not singular. And the apostrophe goes after the “y”. The word is a contraction of the two words, “you” and “all”. You would not say “you all” if you were only talking to one person, would you?
67. I don’t like conflict.
68. Sometimes I dream of moving to the land where my grandparents lived, and raising peas and butterbeans, and growing the first corn maze in Louisiana.
69. I am slow and methodical, most of the time.
70. I enjoy solitude.
71. I had to kill a snake once. It was creepy.
72. I used to be a quilter.
73. Sometimes, I think that’s how I’d support myself in the country, by doing machine quilting.
74. I think we all live too fast these days.
75. I think we all are overloaded with the abundance of choices.
76. I think we all need to slow down a little bit.
77. I think if I slow down, it might be hard to know if I was moving at all.
78. I am definitely a Type B personality, an ISFP in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: gentle, loyal and compassionate with little need to dominate or control others, patient, accepting and nonjudgmental, sensitive to conflicts and disagreements. That’s me, all right, sort of.
79. I can be stubborn.
80. I am emerging from a dormant period in my life.
81. I don't care much for pretentiousness. I am kin to Popeye: I yam what I yam.
82. And speaking of yams, baked ones, anyway, don't be fooled by that crusty outer covering. You would not think they had anything good inside them, but cut that sucker open and add a little butter and you've got a tasty treat. People are the same way. You never quite know what's inside them until they have opened up a bit.
83. I can be child-like.
84. I can be childish.
85. I can be cynical.
86. I think the Internet is a wonderful thing, I am so grateful that Al Gore invented it.
87. I know Al Gore did not invent the Internet.
88. I can be naïve.
89. I used to think I knew a lot about God.
90. I now realize how very arrogant that thought was.
91. I know some things about God.
92. I am occasionally wise and perceptive.
93. I will listen to almost anybody’s story.
94. I think to myself.
95. What a wonderful world.
96. I love that song, and the raspy imperfection of Louis Armstrong’s voice. I always smile when I hear that song.
97. I am at times, very Pollyannaish.
98. I am at times, very sassy.
99. I have a quirky sense of humor.
100. Enough about me. What about you?