Saturday, January 22, 2011

Of Childhood

We had frost on the ground this morning and I went out with the camera to see what I could see. Unfortunately, I did not do well at capturing the frost. I did end up with this little thing. Just so you know, it is not ME who will not turn back to see the light! I see light. Most of the time.

I also liked this one. I see remnants of childhood in this photo. My daughter has landed a job teaching kindergarten in a school that is in an underprivileged area. She is replacing a teacher who is out having knee surgery. Most of the children she teaches do not have large backyards with swing sets and play houses. Many come from broken homes. Some do not live with family. Already, these children have very little childhood innocence. It's hard to imagine bright futures for some of them, hard to imagine light reaching them. That is a sad thought. And a reminder that life is not always fair. Every child deserves to be protected and treasured and nurtured.