Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've been reading back through my archives, reading all the posts made during September. Seems there are a lot of storms in September, literal and metaphorical. I've been thinking about this blog and how things were when I started blogging, about how I felt back then and about how much water has passed under the bridge since then.

I've never really gotten a clear focus on what I wanted to do with the blog. When I started out, I had been writing poetry and interacting on some of the poetry boards. That sort of fizzled out and I started writing here. Then when I went back to school, I started posting photographs and a little bit of my artsy-fartsy endeavors. But that is me, a bit eclectic and a whole lot unfocused!

I am back in a bit of a funk, taking medication that does not seem to be working all that well. Everything feels flat. It seems the changing of the seasons always helps perk me up. I am hoping the cooler weather will somehow invigorate my spirit and I can enjoy life again.

I had a dear friend send me the following quote with instructions to hang it in my closet (I assume so I would see it often). Naturally, I made a "thang" out of it. . .

Saturday, September 11, 2010