About This Blog

I started blogging in November of 2004. Previously I'd been active in a "beginning" poetry writing group on the web and then moved to another group. The beginning group I'd started with had formed a pretty tight knit group but others started coming in who had different ideas about good poetry (and actually, our little group had all advanced at least a little beyond beginner in our skills, both in writing and critiquing). Some of us moved to another group where we were all sort of at the bottom rung of the skill sets. It wasn't the same as our old group and we all eventually drifted apart.

I'd started reading several blogs on the web and decided I'd try my hand at blogging (since I already fancied myself to be a bit of a writer. I don't know or when, but I came across several interesting people who I now consider friends. But in spite of this, my blogging slowed down quite a bit and there were months at a time when I did not write anything.

Also in the midst of this time span, I went back to school for Commercial Art. I ended up dropping out within a semester or two of graduating (too many life struggles) but in the meantime, I had discovered photography and Photoshop and art and so my blog took a new direction.

Then came Facebook. I had resisted that temptation for some time but jumped in about the time a few of my work friends were starting with Facebook. I hooked up with many of my blog friends there as well. But Facebook is not really conducive to writing like having a blog is and I missed blogging. Turns out, several of my blogging friends also missed their writing and blogging. Now we are all teaming up on a Facebook group to encourage each other to blog more. I'm happy we are doing it and hope to continue to blog, to write, post photographs and pictures of whatever art work I might do and enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow bloggers.

Annie Oddflower is one of my alter egos. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to turn her loose on Facebook. Maybe some day...