Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Words to Remember

A quote from a book I read recently (A Friendship Like No Other) and a photo from a friend that I altered considerably in Photoshop. (Friend, do you recognize your banana blossom and how are you Photoshop studies coming along? Umm, and may I use your photo as a background for my "thang" here?)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes I Play With My Food

(and my camera phone). This was not entirely my creation. I only cut up the pineapple ring. Someone else reversed the pieces to make the sunburst and add the peanuts and salt and pepper.

On a more serious note, my dad had something happen to the one good eye he has. I think it is called a colloital detachment. At this moment he can't see out it so he is effectively blind. He is taking steroids and using steroids drops which are supposed to make it better. If that does not work they will have to do surgery and it is a complicated surgery to do. Please pray that the medicine will make things better, that he will have his sight restored to him. He was doing so well after his cornea transplant two years ago. He was able to see well enough to be confident to drive again and that was a blessing to him. He goes back to two different doctors this coming week. For now, all he can do is sit and wait. He seems to be in good spirits but I can't imagine how hard it is to sit around for so long not being able to see, hoping and praying things will get better.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Doodling Around in my Journal

I'm still hoping my muse will one day show back up. In the meantime, I bought some little tiny watercolor sets that were marked way down in the campus bookstore. I was trying to experiment with them, but I have come to realize that using watercolors is tricky (are tricky??). I changed the colors on this one in Photoshop.

I have also been playing around with colored pencils in my journal. It's not exactly the kind of stuff worth showing off, but it is relaxing to do, and if I keep doodling, maybe my muse will think I don't care if he ever shows back up, and will join me!

It's corny, but true, one must never lose hope.

I added a black background to this one where my white page was in my journal. Since before the first of the year, we have been attending a different church. Here, they tend to jump around a lot, leaving you with lots of stuff to think about. I don't mind that so much, but I had grown accustomed to standard "three point outline" sermons at my old church so it's taken a bit of adjusting on my part.

It seems that in addition to the physical stuff I've been dealing with due to the diabetes, I am also doing a bit of spiritual work too. Not so much yet that I want to write about, but it's where my mind has been lately.