Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reporting In

 A cancer diagnosis sometimes speeds up this process. :)

I dodged the bullet on the MRI, for now. I do have fatty liver disease, and they will check me again in six months. There is also the possibility that they will want to take my gall bladder out too, after the chemo. It's never really given me any trouble but they say it is stiff and there are worries about that. There is no medicine for the fatty liver disease, other than to eat healthier and get regular exercise. I can do that. I'm already working on healthier eating and when the weather warms up, I plan on starting up with my walking regime again.

I took the photo above with my phone this weekend. We spent the weekend in the country, after a three week absence. It was an altogether relaxing experience. I meant to bring my big camera and forgot.