Saturday, September 09, 2006

For A Limited Time Only

You snooze, you lose!
(Alternate Title: More Than You Wanted to Hear)

(I probably will not leave this post on here for very long.)

I listened to this audio blog post at David's blog and his specifications were that if you listened, you needed to do try and post an audio post too. So I did it, submissive being that I am (just messing with you, David). Besides, I could not let Mindy and Rachel get ahead of me! It has been sort of fun, but honestly, there is some trepidation for me in doing this. I can be insecure and I am self-conscious (too self-conscious for a woman of my age!). Today I choose to be brave. Tomorrow, I may yank the post.

I don't like the sound of my voice! I do have an accent. It sounds weird. My speech teacher said that most people do not like the sound of their own voices, so in that, at least, I suppose I am normal. I think he also said that we do not sound the same to ourselves as we do to others, that is why we are sometimes shocked when we hear our recorded voices.

Here is the meme:

this is an audio post - click to play

Here are a few afterthoughts:
this is an audio post - click to play

Can you tell I am a bit scatter-brained and disorganized?

I wrote this several years back. It's supposed to be funny, but it is also a serious glimpse into how bothersome my over-developed Southern sense of good manners can be.

Lessons in Assertiveness...

this is an audio post - click to play

This has been kind of fun. I don't know, maybe I will use it to record myself reading some of my own poetry. Or maybe not. Honestly, I do not know how long I will leave this post on the blog!

David, I done it -- But only because I am fifty years old and it is high time I quit being such an insecure little 'fraidy cat!)


  1. You did it, annie! By golly, I think you kind of liked it, didn't you? And you sounded just like Paula on that southern cooking show--same easy grace and enjoyment of life. Congratulations!

    I am a few years further down the road and I can tell you that as you age, your BS tolerance diminishes. After a while, you get to the point that you don't really care what mean little things people say about you--you just wear your purple hat with a big grin on your face. So live it up. You might even get that butterfly tattoo.

  2. Annie...........ACCENT!!! YA THINK????? Holy smokes......My accent pales in comparison to yours. Lord have mercy.........LOL. But I must say I enjoyed every second of listening to your voice....and your thoughts. I can't believe you honked for the watermelon man, I might have gone on my way and said the heck with it.
    David may have started a trend here.......

  3. David I am surprised, but I did kind of like it (but don't tell anybody)!

    I think you are right about worrying less what others might think as you get older, especially what people like Ayekah say about your accent!

    Ayekah I thought I hid my accent well!! LOL What can I say? I am weird. It took major guts on my part to honk for the watermelon man, and it took major guts to do this darn audio blog. I am glad you enjoyed listening.

  4. I did enjoy listening to you, and I think maybe we should start doing some weird story of the week thing on the audio blog......

  5. I don't know what Ayekah is talking about. As someone from the mountains of east Tennessee, I thought you sounded downright cityfied. It was wonderful to hear your voice!

  6. You rock, annie! You had me laughing out loud about the haircut. And that horn thing? I have been there. It just seems so impolite, doesn't it? But the best thing of all - yew sound jest lahk me! I kid you not. My accent is just as prominent. You've inspired me to look for something to record in my every day voice.

    Your voice is beautiful!!!!

    By the way - I took Mindy's advice and just recorded it and hit post without even listening. Otherwise I would've spent hours rerecording and never gotten anything as acceptable as the first time.

  7. Oh annie I LOVED THIS!! Thank you so very much for letting me hear you!!

    Please do not take it down.

    As I was listening, Bebo came in and said *Are you listening to Paula Deen?*

    I love your accent.

    And I am proud of you for being so brave.

    I did not listen to myself after I had done it because I knew I would not be happy with it and I would not do it.

  8. Ayekah Can't you just imagine the story lines of a prokect like that? Talk about convoluted! It would be interesting, no doubt.

    Linda That is exactly what I think, thank you very much! Ayekah just does not recognize a highly cultured voice when she hears one!!

    Rach Just let yourself go for it, record something in your everyday voice!

    I don't know how you could stand to just post it without listening first! Actually, I rerecorded only a couple of times, in the watermelon story, I kept stumbling over stuff like "subliminally suggesting". I think I could do better now. Heck, maybe now I could even do a weekly report. I could call it Butterfly Tattoo Girl Speaks!

    Princess Believe it or not, I finally had to Google Paula Deen. I don't watch much TV and never watch the Food Network, although just this weekend, my nephew suggested dryly that maybe I should watch it, implying that I might cook more if I did!

    I must admit, there was an eerie similarity in our voices...funny how when you hear a recording of your voice, you don't really think that is the way you sound. Funny how many of us were nervous about this...

  9. As for Paula Deen - your accent is somewhat similar. But I can't stand to listen to that woman for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I guess its because of her sticky sweetness. Bleh!! I like your voice much better!

  10. *pushes Rach out of the way*

    I love Paula Deen...she is one of my heros so do not listen to Rach.

    Thank you for leaving this up...I have listened to it many times.

  11. Thanks,Rach...I think!

    PrincessDon't encourage me! I am already thinking of other things I can talk about on audio!

  12. that was great, Annie!!!
    I liked hearing about you and I liked your story about the eyebrow cut, not that it was fun for you!! haha
    way to go.
    And you're right. I hate the sound of my own voice, but others say it is nice. I worked at Burger King when I was 18 and people said I sounded like Kermit the Frog when I called the orders back on the intercom. So I perfected it a little and got pretty good at sounding like Kermit.
    anyway, good goin.

  13. Glad you liked it, Captainwow! Did not know you could impersonate Kermit the Frog!

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  15. (I double posted, something is up with the darn comment thing....again.)


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