Thursday, October 26, 2006

Home From the Sea

and already wondering when I can return! We had a wonderful time. Re-entry to the real world has been a little rough (how about a vacation to recover from the vacation?) We got home late Sunday night and I could have kicked myself for not taking Monday off.

I'll be writing more and posting a few pictures soon and I am looking forward to reading about what all has been going on in blogdom while I have been away.

I have had a few computer problems that kept me from posting sooner, but I think (hope) I may have those ironed out now.


  1. I've missed you! So good to have you back! Upon first glance, I'm wondering if the picture here is a souvenier you brought home with you????? :-)

    Welcome back to 'reality' - looking forward to hearing all about your journey!

  2. I had begun to think you had perhaps just decided to take up residence on some South Sea island. Welcome back........

  3. I was wondering where you were, Annie! I have had so much to catch up on myself! Can't wait for the piccies and stories!

  4. Hey, Annie! Glad you had fun. I love the ocean, too.

  5. Welcome back! We all hope to see photos! :-)

  6. And I've come back to say that you really don't have to worry about losing things when you switch to Beta -- it is a big improvement, and I think you'd love it! Let me know if you need any help!

  7. Darned blogger! Won't let me comment! Grrr!

    So glad you are back and posting again. I missed your last couple of posts. Guess bloglines didn't want me to read them?

    Have you switched to beta? Tell me all about it.

  8. Beth Thanks for the welcome back! No, she is still in St. Lucia, where I saw her, though I would have liked to have brought her home with me!

    Jim I briefly considered staying, but decided I missed my kids too much! I do hope to go again someday. We had a very pleasant journey.

    Regina Clare Jane I am getting the pics organized and hope to post some soon.

    Hi Patti Thanks. I am really surprised that I enjoyed traveling the ocean as much as I did. (Of course, it helped that the ship was so big and that the seas were never too rough!)

    Linda Oh yeah, I'll post a few photos! Glad to hear the news about the Beta switch being so painless. I guess I will break down and do that sometime soon.

  9. I tried to post these comments earlier and it failed to show up. I thought I had solved my computer problem, but maybe I haven't...

    Beth Thanks for the welcome back. The picture is of one of the statues that used to be on the front of the ship. I wish I could have brought her home with me!

    Jim I might have taken up residence on one of the islands, except that I started missing my children toward the end of the week! I really enjoyed being on the ship.

    Regina Clare Jane I'll be posting a few pics soon enough!

    Patti I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed being out there on the ocean. Of course, the fact that the ship was so big, and we had a balcony room, and the seas were never too rough made it very enjoyable.

    Linda Thanks. I will be posting photos soon. I am glad to hear the news that the switch to Beta was a painless one. I guess I will break down and do it before too much longer. I am kind of waiting to see if my computer woes have truly disappeared.

  10. Rach That's what I say! @%#@ Blogger! I tried to post comments earlier in the day and they did not show up and now, when I tried again, both sets of comments show up.

    Bloglines does that to me occasionally too, just fails to show a new post.

    They should not charge so dadgum much for their services if they are going to be so sloppy with it!

    I have not switched to Beta yet (see note to Linda in my earlier comments). I am sort of afraid to, scared I will lose everything! But I may as well "bite the bullet" and go for it...


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