Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Last Good Deed

My young boss often doodles when he is on hold on the phone. I often draw when I am on hold on the phone. He most often uses a pen which makes thick abstract strokes. I generally pick up a pencil and do quick sketches of my hand or my Diet Coke bottle. Occasionally, we enter into this unspoken collaboration and one of us will start something and the other will add something else to it. Generally the end result of our partnership is weird. I kind of liked this one, though his sister (family businesses- ya gotta love 'em!) said it was freaky.

My father is literally blind in one eye and can't see out of the other (that is a whole other story), unless he has his contact in. He has had some trouble with his remaining working eye in the past and a cornea transplant was necessary. The surgery went well. He has been healing for the past couple of months but recently he got his new contact lens and his vision is better than it was before. And they are not through "tweaking" his lens prescription so there will be even more improvement when he goes back to get his next contact. We are all so very grateful.

Wow. Thanks be to God, and to modern medicine, and to the anonymous soul who was generous enough to be an organ donor. Had there been no donor, my father would be sitting in the house, unable to watch TV, or read his Bible or his Sunday School lesson, or the daily newspaper. He would not be able to mow his yard, would not have been able to return to work today (and yes he was ready to go back!)

Don't take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here on earth.

Consider being an organ donor. For myself, I figure it is the last good deed I can do before I leave this earth.


  1. So very true, annie! (I'm one!) Glad to hear your dad is doing well.

    I also like the idea of you and your boss collaborating on doodles. Sounds cool.

    (Nope, no Galveston this year. But next year...)

  2. I love the doodle!

    Not only am I an organ donor but I am also on the national bone marrow list as a donor.

  3. :-) I like the idea of "co-doodling" -- what fun!

    Best of luck to your dad! It's so wonderful that he received such a needed gift.

  4. I am also a donor... but oddly enough, given the theme of your post, everything but my eyes. I have this bizarre thing about anyone messing with my eyes. It takes forever for my opthamologist to do a glaucoma test on me... and don't even get me started on having to have my eyes dilated...

  5. Amen to the organ donor comments. Hey, where I am going, I will have no use for them. Take the whole thing, skin and bones--that's what I say. Tell the folks at the funeral I'm not in that straight jacket any more.

  6. I love the doodle too. And good deed reminding folks of the importance of organ donation. What a wonderful thing, and glad your Dad is perking along.

  7. I've never been an organ donor, my only "excuse" being: by the time I was aware of such wonder, I indeed did wonder of what worth an old man's donation might be. How great that your dad's sight could be so returned unto him!

    As far as the doodling, I love the example presented and confess to, at one time, it being my favorite way of getting through tedious times. If the lecture or boring presentation was long enough, by its end what I usually possessed was a collage of such doodles that completely filled an entire page, no empty space whatsoever....

  8. Spookyrach Hope you are enjoying the mountains--Galveston would have been pretty hot right about now.

    Princess My hubby is on the national bone marrow list too! I was tested several times years ago, but it was done locally so I imagine the info is not in the nat'l database.

    Linda It is fun, seeing how things come together. He is so NOT an artsy-fartsy fellow!

    Flutterby Good news--they have another glaucoma test that does not require blowing in your eyes. I guess we all have our sensitive spots! You should hear some of the treatment stuff my dad has gone through in conjunction with his eye troubles.

    David Amen brother!

    Ayekah Thanks!

    Jim Aw, I'd imagine they would find a use for even an old man's body parts! Don't sell yourself short!

    How interesting--I never would have pictured you as a doodler!

  9. Yes, Amen. When my Dad died, I stayed on the phone with the red cross for hours, answering crazy questions. Did he have tattoos? Did he have sex with other men? It was a surreal experience at 3:00 am, right after losing my Dad suddenly. As it turned out, my Mom couldn't go through with it, so she did not give her final approval. Even though he signed up and told us he wanted to be a donor, my Mom nixed it. I should be on the bone marrow donor list, I heard native american marrow is sought after for some reason (my family is Mohawk). How do you get on the list?

  10. Patti I *Think* there is something you can do if you want to donate your organs that will keep someone else, even family, from stopping it.

    Bone marrow donation lists!


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