Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland Fascimile

(and Beware the Long Arm of the Law)

Here are a few photos of the teency amount of snow we received last week. I was awake at 3 a.m. and went outside to watch the white stuff falling from the sky.

Pitiful, ain't it?

If you look closely, you can see my footprint in the right corner of this shot. Want to know what shoes I was wearing? I had on a pair of flip-flops! My feet were freezing!

This is the stump of one of the cedar trees taken out by Hurricane Rita.

Now, about the long arm of the law. My daughter was in Sam's and she saw two older women looking like they were about to engage in a throw-down, or at least a shouting match. It seems one of them thought the other one had cut in line at the check-out. I asked what they looked like and she said they looked like they came straight from her grandmother's Sunday School class. I don't think anyone's "witness" was tarnished, as all they did was shake their finger (their pointer finger) at each other! Daughter did not feel the need to intervene in this altercation (if you remember, she recently graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, and now she feels obligated to uphold the law everywhere she goes!).

But when she was driving home, at a particularly busy intersection, she saw two grown men with their windows down, yelling at each other and pointing (that) finger (not their pointer finger) at each other. There was a lot of traffic and so she pulled out her badge she has to get into court and discreetly covered the edges so the men did not know it was just paper and then proceeded to act as though she was calling someone on her cell phone to make a report. It did not take long for the men to roll up their windows and not another harsh word was said.

And then my mother had the story to tell about how two older women in WalMart got into in the food place and one was picking up a chair when a man intervened and saved the day (the police came later and took them both away). All of this leads us to wonder, what is it with senior citizens and their tempers these days? Lawsie.

Also, in another reference to the long arm of the law, we saw my son's first juvenile probation officer this weekend. She remembered him and us and seemed glad to hear that he was doing well. Sometimes I wonder if they get tired of hearing mostly bad news about their young clients. We were fortunate to always have good experiences with any of the authorities we had to deal with during that time.

Oh yeah, I put a "follow this blog" thing on my sidebar. If you want to do it, all you do it click and then it does something and your little icon is there. I am not sure what the point of the thing is, but I thought I'd try it out and see what happens. Blogger is making it so easy to add a bunch of junk to your sidebar these days!


  1. Well, that's more snow than we saw! :-D
    Funny stories -- kind of sad, also ... I guess people just get crazy this time of year.

  2. Hey! Great snow pictures! I can't believe you were out there in your flip flops! Good grief girlie!
    Well, I do believe the pre-holiday psychosis has set in and seems like most folks are psycho just about everywhere you turn...combine that with the full moon and look out!
    I find the grannies in the grocery to be the least courteous, and I am not sure why that is.

  3. I'll trade you... I'll take your few flakes and send you my current 6 inches that will be double that or more by morning. It's been snowing off and on all day and somewhere around 2 this afternoon, the temps headed back down from the 35, which was keeping it from sticking to the roads, to the current 28. Which means the 2 hour delay they've already given us for school tomorrow will most likely end up no school. Which in turn will piss off my daughter and the boy because it's semester finals week...

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  5. If I could actually type worth spit right now... I was TRYING to say that hub just told me it's 24 out there... been an entire half hour since I looked and it's dropped 4 more degrees.

  6. Linda It is kind of sad. Of course, the intersection where she saw the two men fussing is an intersection that is messed up enough to make a Baptist preacher cuss!

    Ayekah I am losing my touch--I should have taken a pic of my poor frozen feet!

    Flutterby All that cold weather is probably affecting your typing fingers! I would NOT want to deal with large amounts of snow on a daily basis!

  7. I need to explore and learn how to insert pictures into my posts. My daughter came up at Thanksgiving and changed the profile image at the top of the page. I was shocked to discover I didn't need a "host" any more. Blogger provides.....

  8. Yes!!! Just this morning I was wondering how in the world to spell Lawsie! Now I know!

    Loved your stories. Tell your daughter to 'go get 'em!'. Your snow looks just like our snow. Sigh...

  9. Maybe the snow is making people feisty down there? I don't know, just a theory.
    I love the bit about your daughter covering the edges of the paper badge.


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