Sunday, January 10, 2010

Decoys and Details

I rode with my husband out of town and took some pictures while he did what he had to do. This sheriff's car was strategically parked along I-10. My husband says there are a couple of different spots where they park the car.

The deputies were not too friendly when I stopped to take their photograph! I smudged out the name of the parish that does this, I did not want to interfere with their police work.

I took a bunch of photos yesterday but when I got home to look at what I had I learned that I'd left the white balance on "indoor light bulb" all day long. Consequently most all of my photos have a bluish cast to them. Sigh. There are many small details and settings I should check before I start taking pictures.

And I suppose if a person paid enough attention to the details, they would know these guys are not real.

Lack of attention to the details is sometimes a problem for me. On the other hand, sometimes the most interesting things come from overlooking the details.

This is a combination of two images. I have no words for her and she prints up very blue but I like it.

There is some deeper thought in all of this. I just don't have it organized in my head yet.


  1. oh my...that is a fake officer!

    I really like the last blue pic. It looks painted.

  2. Was that officer trying to hide from you under the hat?....

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of DSLR's, Annie! Been there/done that!

  4. How funny...fake officers! Now, I like that second picture very well. There is a story in it...

  5. Was that officer hiding or sleeping? Love the blue pic. I call those "happy accidents" which is what I call most of what I do. ;)



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