Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Bird Quotes CS Lewis

I went out to take pictures this past weekend and was sitting in the car trying to decide if I was going to get out and walk around looking for pictures. I was at our Civic Center and there were people all around. I am kind of funny about getting out in public with my camera. I am always afraid people will think I think I am this great photographer and I always want them to know that I do not think that at all, that I'm just out there entertaining myself and that sometimes I just see things that need to have their picture taken. Anyway, the bird kept sitting in this tree that was very close to my car, and staring at me, as if he was daring me to get out and take his picture! When I finally decided to commit to getting out of the car the bird moved to a tree that was a little farther away and so I did not get the closeup I was hoping to get.

And the quote, oh it is one I need to hear. That's all I'll say about that.


  1. I love the quote and the picture.

    What do you care about what people think? And trust me, they are not thinking that.

  2. You take wonderful pictures, Annie! Smile and keep them coming...

  3. I needed to hear it too, Annie. Thanks for that. Lovely picture!


  4. Just wanted to let your know that I thought that was beautiful. If it is okay, i would love to have it on my pintrest board.


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