Saturday, April 09, 2011

International Fake Journal Month

Not only is April National Poetry Month, it is also International Fake Journal Month! I'm participating with a few adaptations of my own. I've scanned in a few of the things I've done in the journal so far and will post them here, but I am not sure I will offer any specifics about my actual writing. I have found that talking too much about it to others makes it harder for me to just relax and let my imagination flow because then I start thinking of what other people might think (sad, but true). It is a fun and imaginative project. I bought a watercolor Moleskine notebook to use thinking I'd have plenty of pages but now I am beginning to worry that I am going to run out of journal before I run out of story!

Here is a scan of the first piece of "artwork" that has "shown up" in the journal. I like the ghosty image of my arm in the background. I am sure you will see my arm and fingers again if I post more pictures of this journal. It's a simple collage made up of a note I'd written to help myself remember an idea for a "thang" I wanted to do, which I just remembered I have not posted on my blog!

Here it is:

I just love my row of cheap Dollar Tree angels!

I'll be back with more, I am sure. :)


  1. Annie, love your dollar store angel pic, too.

  2. awww..thats too cute for words!!


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