Monday, September 19, 2011

Nine Loves

  1.   Getting outside with my camera 
  2.   Creating my thangs
  3. The land up where my grandparents’ lived (the “country”)
  4. My family
  5. Time alone, solitude
  6. Sunday services at my church
  7. Reading and learning about stuff that catches my attention on the internet  
  8. Tending the fire in the fireplace in winter
  9. Rocking in my rocking chair. It soothes me. Sometimes I don’t have to be in a rocking chair to enjoy rocking-my professor friends tease me about it, one says I am “on the spectrum." I'm never really totally still, come to think of it. Even when I drive, I am making circles with my thumb on the steering wheel. . .wait, this is not the "secrets" post. :)


  1. Yup..... I can relate to all of those too.. and doors, you love doors. :) Good list. And I love your "thangs"

    p.s. still waiting on the secret list.... :P

  2. Yes, yes and yes. How about those secrets?

    This is a sweet look into your life. Love it.

  3. Working on the secrets, y'all. That won't be a sweet look. :(

  4. I'm a compulsive fire-tender. Love it.

    And I love those 'thangs'.

  5. It's fun, tending fires, Rach. . .

  6. Rocking without a chair and making circles is on the spectrum stuff alright. Oh yes. I do that. You love stuff that makes me feel cozy about you. I'd never say most if them. But I like that you did.

  7. Thanks, Cyn! I'm glad you liked the list. It seems I have a hard time making lists (or following prompts or something)!


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