Saturday, September 01, 2012

Clouds and Light

My father and I drove to "the country" today to help my uncle do some more work on "the little house." My husband had to work and so could not make this trip. I believe it is all coming together nicely. We might even be able to spend the weekend up there soon!

When we came back through town, I wanted to stop at the Salvation Army store. We are looking for a cheap (but good and clean!) couch. As I was pulling into a parking place, a customer was walking out of the store with one of the workers. They came out into the parking lot and the customer pointed to the sky and they both stood there and stared. I looked up to see what they were looking at and saw this gorgeous sight in the sky. My photos do not do it justice! It had rainbow colors but it wasn't a rainbow! I had my camera with me so I jumped out and started taking pictures. As I was taking the first few, the colors were fading and blending into a solid pink color. I have never seen anything like it.

The picture below is more like the color we saw. I tried to highlight the colors in the version above so the light would be more visible.
Also, I took this one when we came out of the store after about twenty minutes. It was beginning to fade away a bit but the light was still spectacular.

Below are a couple more pictures that I took (and adjusted the "levels" in PSE).

They look very much the same. I tell myself there are subtle differences in all the photos because of the way I processed them. :)

It was amazing to see. And it was fun to see the little crowd of folks who gathered around looking at the clouds and the light in the sky.

Here is a little something else I did with the cloud photo in PSE. I am not totally satisfied with it. I will probably work on it some more later. I think I'd like to print this one up on watercolor paper and write the quote in with a dark pencil, then scan it and make it a print. But my printer/scanner is on the fritz so this will have to do for the time being....


  1. Love the pictures and especially love that people noticed and stopped to look. The fact that we can still become transfixed by the beauty of nature says a lot.


  2. Yes, it does, D. I often worry that people are not noticing the small places of beauty that are all around us...

  3. Looks like that was an amazing sight, and you were lucky to be at the right place at the right time. I love the bottom creation.

    1. Thanks! It was an amazing sight to see!

  4. Wow!What fantastic pictures, Annie! And the quote you have provided in the one stirs my brain. Would you mind if, should inspiration come, I attached one or two to one of my posts?......

  5. Jim, I'm sorry to be so late in responding. I've been out of pocket for the weekend (got a post coming on that). Yes, you can use any of the pics you want to use.

  6. I spent the whole summer with cloud watching and even started to paint them - but these pictures are the best I've seen so far!


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