Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still Life

 The theme for Gallery 25 of the 52 Photos Project is "Still Life."
"Angles Among Us"
This was a phone photo (all of these are from my phone, processed in various apps). It's a corner in the women's restroom at work. I like the way it turned out.
Leaf on Porch
I believe this is one of my all time favorites.
"Flowers" in a bottle.
Remember the fern in the bottle, the "world inside a bottle"? 
This is the fern after two weeks. 
I thought it had grown pretty white flowers but when I looked closer, 
I realized it was the fern leaves with all the green sucked out of them! 
One of the titles I thought of was "She Died Beautifully." 
The awareness of death has been prevalent in my mind lately, for various reasons. 
Anyway, still life, that's what we're talking about. ;)
Making time for still life is what helps me 
stay calm and keep moving.
Taking pictures is one way to still life for me.


  1. So enjoy your photos, annie!

  2. oh my, I second what Daisy wrote. I can't decide if Angles is my favorite or Grate. but I love them all. nice work. (and I also love the title "She Died Beautifully"). Happy week to you annie.

  3. Lovely words, as always... never thought of the phrase in those ways before.


  4. Strange thoughts going through my brain right now, Annie, concerning the fern in the bottle, "life lost without the vital elements", for example. Maybe my answer to your last post, then, in so far as what I'm lacking, is normality, or a bit of common sense. As another old sailor once said, however, "I yam what I yam!".....


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