Monday, November 12, 2012

A Turtle, Lily Pads and Birds

A turtle with a pyramid shaped shell sunning himself on a lot.
The lily pads were huge! I was fascinated with the way the water droplets rolled around on the leaves. This one was about a quarter of the leaf. It look like a ginko leaf.
 Some were green and some were this rusty brown looking color.
 I believe this is a male Anhinga.
This would be the female Anhinga. You can tell because she is wearing a "mink stole."
Blue heron.
I know I was told what kind of bird this was but I've forgotten what it is.
I played around and did some odd editing on this one but I do like it.


  1. wow, these are some splendid shots. I really like the third one of the leaf. and I really like the name Anhinga. learn something every day. happy week to you Annie.

  2. Great pictures, Annie. You all don't give guided tours down there, do you?

    1. Thanks, Jim! We could probably arrange for a guided tour I did see a larger boat with people who looked like they were touring on the lake.

      I could give you a tour since I am not such an excellent kayaker (after my one trip) but you say you don't want to get back on a kayak! :)


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