Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Road I Travel

Tonight I'm grateful to be able to send off a narrative litany of complaint to a friend who doesn't panic and won't buy into the complaint parts of the note, but instead reminds me, "I still like your funny--usually--narratives. I'm still pulling for the healing to be quick, the infections to be held at bay, and for the pain meds to be needed as briefly as possible!"

I'm also grateful for the naïveté to be cheered on just because I know others are pulling for me (as if their pulling for me actually has any power to make things better)!

Tonight I am also extremely grateful for a doctor who was willing to go in and fix a mess he did not create. His assistant said a lot of doctors would not have touched this case. I certainly understand. How fortunate I am.

Tonight (and always it seems), I am on The Road to Recovery. I am grateful.

(This is my contribution to Gallery 35, "The Roads I Travel" of the 52 Photos Project.)

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  1. I am beginning to think it was a werewolf bite that you are not telling us about. I think you have an undercover life.

    And I adore you.....every part of you.

  2. I'm with Mindy - total werewolf attack. That is a bad ass wound! No one is gonna mess with you if you let that sucker scar up good. Get you an eye patch and a dagger!

    I love the phrase "narrative litany of complaint". :D

    Keep on truckin'. heh.

  3. Be sure to pull that photo back out next Halloween...

    My continued prayers for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to an incredible 2013 and so look forward to continuing this long distance journey with you.

    Love you Diane. Get well and get back out there.

  4. And I'm grateful that you have that doctor and he has fixed the problem. I enjoy your posts, whether they are filled with your trademark humor or the aren't. It's life as we know it, Jim. (Star Trek reference) And that makes them authentic and worth reading every time.

  5. Scars - visible or un - are roadmaps of our past and symbols of what we've survived. And you have survived a lot, my dear friend. Heal. Forget if you will.

  6. I'll be decorating that one in photoshop. Last scar I painted a butterfly over... it looked kind of cool. I think you should make a a cool story.. Prison brawl.... no wait... pole dancing and bent down to get tip and lost balance.... nah, I like Rach's patch thing. Maybe camping in the wilderness and fought off a pack of coyotes.
    God bless the Dr who repaired your neck. The incision looks good and clean. We love litanies and we all have them. I personally like the narrative ones...
    happy healing and rap on.... we all need to get our lit out now and then

  7. You are on the road to healing - what a great take on last week's prompt.
    How are you doing? Are you feeling better?
    Thank you so much for sharing. xo


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