Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August?? Already???

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything! And I can't believe how many of my blogging friends' posts I have missed! I miss writing here but something is "off" and I seem to have momentarily lost my rhythm.

I'm still working on my health and fitness. That takes an hour in the evenings after work. But I'm enjoying the benefits this new habit brings me so I hope to keep on working out.

And on most weekends I am not near my laptop, and only have my phone so my internet usage is relatively minimal.
And for some reason, which I kind of understand, but have not worked out completely in my head, I just have not been very inspired to write or read much. But I do miss both and hope to get back into the loop soon!
I have not even had my big camera out since late May, I believe. For one thing, it's been so HOT, not exactly conducive to walking around taking pictures. For another thing, I have several apps on my phone that make it so easy to create and edit photos. I've even managed to take several photos of myself that I like! They are so strongly edited that sometimes I feel like they don't really look much like me but that is one of the things on my mind at the moment--my image of myself and how I feel about how I look. I don't have things thought out well enough to begin writing about it here yet.

One thing I know is that I have several little "thangs" that I've created on my phone that I have not shown here. I may try to post one or two here every other day or so and see what happens. Maybe I will have something to say and maybe I won't. I'll just have to see. And somehow I will try to catch up with my own blog reading and commenting on some of your blogs!

Someone complimented me today on my growth and affirmed me as an artist and a "see-er". I totally appreciated her words but somewhere I've lost the idea that I have something of worth to say and share here. So I've been quiet. And feeling somewhat bland, I might add.

Life is so often about finding balance. I'm making progress in changing my behavior in the health/fitness area but now other areas are being neglected. I just need to find my balance. Again.

(The photos were all taken at our place in the country. With my phone.)

Here. Here's a first installment on the phone "thangs."

See? Here's the problem with the phone apps! They are often so easy to do and to make changes to that I end up with a couple of different versions of the same thing! I think I like the brighter one best. The background is a standard linoleum floor covering that looks like marble tile and I changed the colors around in one of the editing apps.

I still miss him, my son. I may have written here about this thought I had one day at the cemetery, "When I visit my son's grave I am vividly reminded that fear of loss and pain are not valid reasons to fear loving others." It's true, you know.


  1. It's good to hear your voice here.

    1. Thanks, Hope. I look forward to catching up with you very soon!

  2. I was worrying about you earlier because you've been quiet today. Then I said to myself, "Self..." and clicked over here. :)

    1. I'm glad you clicked over! I miss seeing you around in person!

  3. We miss you in your absence here, but I do hear the sound of "life" in your voice; and that speaks for itself. I'm with you in a need for "balance", believing it and "worth", among other essentials, are only really found in a relationship with Him. Enjoy life, Annie.

    I like the first tile inscription best................

    1. Thanks, Jim! I'm going to catch up with reading your posts too, soon, I hope!

      The first tile inscription is a bit more legible, I think.


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