Sunday, August 04, 2013

Resolutions and Luxuries

Don't be worried. It's just a bit of dark humor. I saw this somewhere on a magnet or something and I kind of like it so I put it on the photo of my hand.

Later I saw this quote and thought it was an affirming companion to the other quote so I put it on the photo of my hand!

(This was supposed to automatically post last Sunday. It did not. I don't know why.)



  1. I like both these quotes and how you added them to your photographed hand.

    The meaning of the first comes through for me as a good reminder to show myself compassion.
    And the second as a recognition of how important it can be to stop and concentrate on each breath. That really is a luxury.

  2. I like both quotes, Annie, especially when hooked together, but thinking there's a whole lot of discussion wrapped up in the words.....


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