Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fluffy Light Love

My little tribe of fellow bloggers have been trying to encourage (coerce) ourselves into writing more regularly. Last week's prompt was "love." I had a good idea for what I wanted to write about love but I did not write the idea down and it has left my head and has not come back. So, I'll write about love in a loose sense of the word.

I love how much better I feel now that I am watching what I eat more carefully and moving more. I love the way I went to walk a labyrinth a couple of months ago and got the impression that I needed to allow more fun into my life. I love the way, the very next day, one of my coworkers mentioned seeing news of the ColorVibe run on Facebook and asked if maybe several of us could do it. Of course I said yes! That sounded like fun and I'd just gotten a vague message about allowing more fun in my life! This was the first time I've done anything like this. I made noises about training so I could actually run in the race but I ended up not doing very much training so we all walked the route. I love that my my very good runner friend opted to walk with me rather than run that day. We all had a very good time!

Here's another little thing I saw on the web about love, that I loved. I have long struggled with this concept, and I have made considerable progress in this area. This too, is an important reminder about love. In so many ways, I am a late bloomer. . . She Lied to Herself Every Night


  1. If we had bloomed when we were supposed to, we would not be NEARLY as fabulous as we are now!

  2. p.s. Excellent video.

  3. LOVE the video. I love your words and pictures even more. I see happy written all over them. ~applaudes~


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