Thursday, May 08, 2014

52 Photos Project, Gallery One: Fire

The porch of my little house in the country. We often sit out here in the evenings and wait for the "booger light" to come on. That is what my grandparents always called the security light. The candles are citronella, and necessary lately because of all the mosquitoes.

When we aren't on the porch, we are gathered out in the yard around our fire pit. There is nothing like a quiet evening in the country with darkness all around and the stars shining in clear skies above.

(My contribution the week one of the fourth year of the 52 Photos Project. I enjoyed participating some before but ended up getting off track. We will see how well I do this time around!)


  1. So far, you are doing great! LOL

  2. Lovely photo - congratulations!
    It prompted me to look at your blog -
    a wonderful blog - Bravo!

  3. Annie! I'm so glad you're back. Even if you miss a week or two, you are always welcome to jump back in :)
    xo Bella


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