Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Convoluted Prayer of Thanksgiving

For all the people in my life who remind me
(who gently admonish me?)
to "Breathe!"

I must really need the reminder because it is a common thing for me to hear.
Or maybe it's just a good thing to say 
when there is nothing else to do.

Still, I am grateful 
for friends who can be present
with me
and breathe with me
when there truly is not much else
that can be done.

To sit in that rather helpless place
with another
is not an easy thing to do. 

Those who can do it well
are a balm to the soul.


  1. It's never wrong to breathe as long as you have the ability. And when nothing else is going right, sometimes it's the one thing you have going for you. I am glad that we are breathing the same earthly air.

    1. Me too, Cyn. Glad that we connected in this great big internet space.

  2. I love your pastor's advice to "trust the weight of your trunk" and "trust your roots", Annie. Beth and I just returned from a few days in Florida, visiting with "family" and praying with them for a two year old infant diagnosed with a degenerative disease (Batten disease). No hope for survival, or so say the doctors. We, nonetheless, are believing for a miracle, having already seen God bring one of their older sons back from the dead, given no chance to live after a motorcycle accident. We rest in faith and dare to hope, one step at a time in Him. I find that commitment in you each time I visit here. Mention "Jabyn" in your prayers, my friend.

    1. Stay with the trusting "one step at a time," Jim. Will keep Jabyn and his family in my prayers.


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