Sunday, June 05, 2016

Dear Cancer (Letter #1)

I think I might start a new category of posts, called "Dear Cancer." I woke up with this one in my head one morning and wrote a draft. Having cancer (3 times) is not the worst thing that could happen to me, but it's also not the greatest. Some of this might not be of interest to anyone but me (and that's okay), but there are so many thoughts and feelings and slight indignities involved in being diagnosed with a life threatening disease, it seems good to me to write about my view of some of them. I will not be turning this into a cancer blog. I refuse to let it have that much attention. I am more than my cancer. We all have our things we have to deal with. Cancer happens to be one of mine. Sometimes it is front and center and sometimes it's just an annoyance in the background. I try hard to keep my balance!

Dear Cancer,

Here you are, again, intruding on my life. I can't help but imagine you as being one of those huge and gaudy tourist sombreros that is seemingly in the process of being permanently attached to my head. I don't know what to tell you about this, Cancer. I don't want to wear your damned ugly hat. I know I can't really refuse it. After all, your power is well known.

I also know I'll be stuck for quite a while with you looming over the top of my head, what with all the followup tests and visits. But I can certainly adjust my perspective. I can refuse to let you make my life miserable, and I can imagine myself shining radiant light from the shade of that god-awful sombrero you're trying to put on my head. Just so you know, dear Cancer, your shadow over me will only serve to make the light seem that much brighter.



  1. I don't like that hat on you. Maybe a beret.

  2. Shining radiant light describes you so well.

  3. The shadow cannot dim the light. I ALWAYS think of you in the light.

    And for the record, sombreros are stupid.

    love you. thank you for your words.

  4. I love your attitude. And here's hoping for cool shade and bright sunlight.

  5. I envisioned you taking that hat and stompin' the stuffin's out of it.


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