Tuesday, August 09, 2016

My Prayer For Me

Begin with love.
Be as kind as possible.
Keep your eyes open.
Be aware, be alert, be vigilant.
Accept and appreciate.
Be flexible and willing.
(for change will surely come,
life is not static.)

Take the risk of exposing
your heart/self
(be aware, be alert, be vigilant).
Open your arms wide like a child
to give; to receive.

Most of all, dear one:
Let your light shine.

I woke up one morning in the country last year and these words formed in my head so I wrote them down. This is my creed, my manifesto. Several of my personal values are covered in this short little piece. So many hints to my own growth in the last few years. I want to continue to grow, and to live.


  1. The photo of you from last year's retreat would go perfect with this. Love you.

  2. It would! Love you back, Hope!

  3. I love how this is all about risking to open your self up but at the same time being cautious. That feels true to me.

    Your manifesto rocks. But then, it would.

    1. Thanks, Rach. Seems I always have to include the cautionary admonishment for myself! Somehow it makes me feel better!

  4. I want to print that out and post it on the front door, in my car, and in my classroom. <3

    1. Thanks, Patti! Feel free to print it out and put it wherever you want! If you need a larger version let me know and I will send you one!

  5. That's great. What wonderful things come from our sleep. Things we thought we didn't know.


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