Thursday, January 05, 2017

Project Thoughtful Thursday, Week 17

After two weeks off, I'm getting back on track. I never really intended to post these things online. They are playing cards and so many times the writing has been hard to read in the photo.

"The world is a miracle and you forget time and time again your whole life. But if you remember more than you forget, you'll be fine." Brian Andreas

And would you look a' there, as big as Dallas, I've written "you're" when I intended to write "your." I hope that does not distract us from thinking about how often we do forget that the world is a miracle. I know many of us are having to work very hard at remembering more than we forget. 


  1. I had a good visit with my therapist today. I am remembering a lot of things.

  2. Oh, yes! Miracles happen all the time. We only need to keep our eyes open to see them. If I forget the specific miracles, it's okay. I remember that they happen. That knowledge lives inside me like a glowing lantern in the dark. Thanks for another thoughtful post.


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