Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Frued says the personality is like an iceburg, with large portions below the surface of our unconscious minds. Here is a basic map of how Frued says it is, and how the ego, the superego, and the id function, whether we are aware of their existence or not. I learned about this in a Pyschology class and I was fascinated by the whole idea.

The reason it has come back to my mind is because of recent goings on over at RealLivePreacher . There has been some confusion because he has written an essay and pulled it from cyber space, then he talked about the pain of being misunderstood and judged, then the Real Live Preacher guy came back and said Gordon would be okay, but for everyone not to mention to Gordon that RLP had made that post. Then Gordon came back and wrote that he could not read the previous post (written by RLP), it was all gobbledy goop. . . are you confused yet?

Anyway, it was all perfectly clear to me. I don't claim to be half the writer that RLP or Gordon are, but I know all about those alter ego peoples. They can wreak havoc on a sane person's life.
I have posted my own personality model that I mapped out when I learned about Frued's model. I would suggest that Gordon and the Real Live Preacher guy get together and figure out who is who, and maybe they need to put a permanent map on the site so that their more literal readers will not panic on the occasions when it seems there is a personality split.
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