Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Responsible Party Speaks, Whoever She Is

Pollyanna used to be the responsible one, but rumor has it that she passed on a while back, may she rest in peace.

I think annie oddflower is probably taking her place, and will do a capable job. Anyway, someone has to come through here and explain that I would have liked this post, and Frued's personality model, and annie's personality model to have been posted all together in one happy spot. However, everytime I tried to edit the posts, my pictures disappeared. So I have given up on that idea. Consequently, I can't make the link to Real Live Preacher active, so you will just have to link to his blog from my list of daily blogs off to the side.

Sassie Annie says to quit scratching your head and looking at the screen with such a puzzled look on your face. It is all quite simple, really, we all have them, you know (alter egos). Some of us are just uptight about acknowledging them.

And who knows, this is our blog, and we just may bring anal old Pollyanna back to life. New Life Rising, our very own soap opera. It just occured to me that Pollyanna is the one who named the blog. Sassie Annie would have picked an edgier name, but annie oddflower sided with Pollyanna, as she always does when the results of the decision are public.

Read on, dear reader. . .

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