Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Undercover Mama

All right, it looks like I was taking a (well-deserved) nap when my daughter snapped this photo of me, wrapped snug as a bug in my bed, but I was really contemplating how to bring about world peace in my life-time. I almost had a solution mapped out in my mind but the click of the camera shutter startled me so that I forgot my plan (and could not go back to sleep) so I got up and did something constructive, though I do not remember what.

Speaking of world peace, when my siblings and I were younger, and we got into fights our mother made us hug each other and make up, which usually made us laugh. Consequently, to this day, I have a hard time getting really angry without also getting the giggles. Is that twisted, or what?

When I tried that with my own kids, they refused to hug each other! Which reminds me, I think I have figured out part of the problem with my parenting skills. My problem is, I have been a June Cleaver mom (Leave it to Beaver, remember the show?) in a Sharon Osbourne world. Not that I am criticizing Sharon Osbourne. I am saying things changed a bit and I failed to notice those changes. Now, that I am aware of the problem, maybe I can make a few adjustments and improve the situation. But first, I have to risk coming out from under the covers, don't I?


  1. my husband (RIP) thought I was Donna Reed and we were a TV show...drove me nuts...I think I would be more of a Roseanne...wise crackin' too big for my britches!

  2. by the way, you wouldn't have gotten me to guess you were under that pile of covers.....hee hee hee

  3. snug in bed. Contemplating world peace. I like that. :o)

    Sometimes I get the giggles when a moment is too painful to bear. It really sucks. It's like the steam valve is plugged up and the pressure mounts until it escapes out another place. I have giggled at the most INAPPROPRIATE TIMES! and I want to crawl under the rug and disappear! :o)
    so I guess we're both twisted.

  4. Ok, so you are twisted. At least its a nice twist. I LOVE the June Cleaver mom in a Sharon Osborne world. That is so absolutely apt!

  5. Yeah, June, great metaphor, evocative picture!! My daughters still get shocked when I get mad enough to utter a profanity. As if they are the only ones who know these words...and not that I want to make a habit of it. But sometimes a little change for the sake of shock value is a good thing.
    And at the risk of rambling too much, a sense of the absurd is the highest form of humour. I guess you and your siblings had that sense early on. The absurd is captured in this post and it is very healthy. Don't loose that ever. And captainwow, congratulations for seeing what few people see. The world is an extremely funny place. Go for it.

  6. annie, get out of bed and post a note........so we know what's hanging with ya!!


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