Saturday, July 02, 2005

Catching My Breath

I've been gone (real, real gone...anyone familiar with that Van Morrison song?).

While I was gone,
Captainwow wrote a little piece about how we hide the weird parts of ourselves, and another friend and I have been pondering the value of our "strangeness" factors. There is a line in "Song of Being a Child" (Peter Handke) that has always struck me with its obvious truth, about how the child "didn't put on a face when photographed". When does it begin to happen that we learn to put on a face when photographed, and eventually forget to take off that face?

"Song of Being a Child" has lots of other interesting lines too, by the way. It's not a real easy song to listen to, at least not the version I've heard (Van Morrison/The Philospher's Stone). I'm not sure what the song, or the musings of Captainwow have to do with my absence. Okay, I am rambling here, aren't I?

Anyway, metaphorically speaking, I have been away, climbing a steep hill. I don't know that I will ever share specific details here. I don't know that it is necessary (and there is also the issue of respecting the privacy of another). Think of a time when you climbed a steep hill you did not really want to have to climb, and remember the bittersweet feeling of surviving and knowing
you did about as well as could be expected under less than ideal circumstances. That's where I am at right now.

Things have worked out. Not perfectly, but well enough, and I find myself standing at the top of the hill, peering down into a hole. I am relieved and grateful, but also slightly overwhelmed from the climb.

Other tidbits:

It occurs to me that these images probably would work better with the black and white reversed.

I need to update my links list.

Questions answered:

Captainwow, you asked about the bridge in one of my New Orleans pictures. I don't know what bridge it is! If you go over it, it will take you to the city of Gretna. Does that help?

Camille, no, I do not speak French. There are Cajun French expressions I am vaguely familiar with, but other than that, no parleis vous frances (and I bet I did not spell that right!)

Ayekah, okay, I'm baaaack!!!

(And if anybody else has asked a question that I have ignored, ask again. It's entirely possible that I'll wake up and answer it!)


  1. welcome back! I bet you have strong legs now. All that climbing.... :o) (thanks for the reference)

  2. well, I was just a tad concerned....just can't leave us all hanging, you being in bed and all....and glad you are back and seemingly intact after the long ascent. When you're climbing you don't get hurt going up, it's when you come easy does it. What no lagniappe?

  3. Yes, that long climb can be exhausting and exhilarating, both, leaving one with sharpened senses, as well as a sense of accomplishment. When I see you here balanced on the brow of a hill, I think, "she has her feet planted." "She knows where she is at." Blessings,

  4. hope you fare well with the storm coming! from one who knows......

  5. Glad you are back. I like the photos. I hope you are stronger for having made your climb. Good luck!


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