Friday, July 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

I haven't been hiding, just busy, and without much to say. The quote is from a friend who occasionally has to remind me that it's okay for me to be human.

I am always glad for the reminder. It's exhausting, being the strong one all the time!

Saw this over at emerging sideways, bobbi's blog (link in sidebar). I liked it and printed it up for my journal.

Lagniappe (for what it's worth)-- Ayekah (link in previous post) asked me to respond to another meme about what is on my nightstand. I will not say anything more than this about what is on my nightstand: If anyone is interested, there might be enough dust on there to create a scrawny man.

Just curious-- Any of you ever eaten yellow meated watermelon? It is almost the same as a red melon, but it is yellow. I like them because more often than not, you will get a good tasting melon. I bought one this afternoon from a guy who came through selling both kinds. It was not that good, unfortunately.

Anyway, if I had a digital camera, I would have posted a photo of the melon in all its yellow glory. For a minute, I seriously considered slicing off a thin piece and scanning it, but that could have made a terrible mess so I decided to do the mature thing and keep the melon off the scanner!


  1. I don't do watermelon, having two rules about food: (a) I must be able to look at it if I'm going to eat it; and (b) if I have to work at eating it, why bother? Watermelon possess enough seeds to fall nto the latter category, especially when I consider that, take away the salt, the only taste I get from it is that which its name suggests....As far as "hunkering down and hiding", my friend, go to Isaiah 30:15 and you'll find it to be one of four Biblical statements that tell us how to be "saved". If you then flip back to Isaiah 28:12 (plus a verse or two above it), you'll get a good idea of what "rest" is. I'm not "pushing" tongues, just the truth that there is a "hiding place" in Him.......I'm enjoying your visits. Peace, my friend....

  2. Jim, I have a friend who loves watermelon, but refuses to eat the yellow melons because they gross her out to see them. As for working to eat something, I feel that way about eating boiled crawfish, too much work for too little substance!

    Thanks for the Biblical references. The thought of the original conversation was my need to "hide" from well-meaning people who had no experience with which to identify with the adversity I was dealing with at the time.

  3. Just took the words from your first picture, Annie. "Hiding", whether from where the path has taken us lately or simply finding ourself with a need for momentary "isolation", is a good practice as long as it is "in Him". As far as the watermelon, red, yellow, or seedless, I'm afraid by now the image is stuck in my mind and its just not my taste for fruit. How about a big bowl of strawberries instead?......

  4. I love, yellow, seeds, no seeds....I live close to a little berg called Watermelon Park......big farming area, you can guess what they grow.....yup! We grew great melons on our farm. I like the yellow too, and you are right about getting a better yellow than red. Unless you get them from someone you know.
    p.s. I don't dust until I can write my name in my nighstand!

  5. Yellow watermelon and yellow tomatoes don't do it for me. Call me old fashioned, but I like my food in traditional colours. Yellow watermelon and yellow tomatoes just taste like yellow beans to me.

  6. Yellow watermellon rocks! They always seem sweeter to me.

    Maturity is a heavy cross to bear! ha ha!

  7. i love your artistry and want to again tell you that writing in my journal is a heady experience.

    please. get thee to a publisher :)

    (and you are able to only hide for so long in Him...we will eventually seek you out and question your whereabouts :)

    love ya.

  8. Jim Strawberries would be good, and I hear you on the hiding.

    Ayeka You grew watermelons? Glad to hear someone else likes the yellow ones!
    p.s. I don't believe you about the dusting!

    Connie I can certainly understand your aversion to yellow beans and tomatoes!

    Spookyrach Shoulda known a Texan would like yellow melons! Do all the really good melons in Texas still come from Hempstead? Around here, the small (microscopic) town of Sugartown is the watermelon mecca, that's where all the really good melons come from!

    m2 Glad you are enjoying the journal. And as one who does tend to isolate, I appreciate your willingness to "seek me out".


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