Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Trivial Fluff Post for the Day

Back when I was still in school, in Typography class, we were required to design our own font. That's when the cracked font, "Pull Up Yer Britches", was born. In the end (bad pun intended--sorry!), the font never quite made it to the end stage of development because I ended up using a font concentrating on the other end of the body by putting cute little caps on letters I had designed little heads for and stretched out the letters to resemble bodies and calling the font "ALL CAPPED OUT".

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a copy of the "ALL CAPPED OUT" font at the moment. It turned out okay, the font did. Nothing extraordinary, but enough to get me out of the class with an A, so I was, of course, pleased as punch in the end.


  1. being as perverse as I am, I might be tempted to give your crack letters little names..."upside down baby butt "m"" , middle age butt, buttlifted butt......I know, blame the weather, it's hot and humid.

  2. "...in the end". Ha ha! Sounds like an interesting class!


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