Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Butt Ugly Journal

Limited quanity! Order yours now!!

I've been working on a journal for a friend of mine, and I got this brilliant idea for a company name and theme. This is a rough rendition of what I had in mind. Some of the letters still need a little work. What do you think?

I know, I know, I think I am so funny!! The pages are not high art or anything, but they are similar to what I do in my own journal.

And my friend has been wanting to journal more. I thought if she had an ugly book of quotes, it might inspire her to write something.

I've got gobs of quotes collected from here and there and everywhere.

Some offer good advice....

Some are plain silly...

Some are thought-provoking....

You can see I am not the neatest painter (and not an artist by any stretch of the imagination). That green spot is not supposed to be there.

Oh well, off to bed with me. I need my rest because I'm pretty sure I'd better keep my day job!


  1. HAAAA! That's great! I love it - and you are funny!

  2. annie, i'd buy one.

    and i am so not kidding...make more, get a publisher and get rich, m'kay?

    (how's things??)

  3. very spiff-ola and creative. I did an altered book thing......matches my altered book life.........snort........quite the mind bender that was. And yes, i'm with m2, I'd by one too.

  4. Good! I like this! I think you could have it published, toooooooo

  5. annie, hope you fare well in this weather too.....batten down the hatches!

  6. I like it -- but it's not ugly enough.

  7. OOH! I likey! I really like the butt letters and think it should be a font in Word. :)

    Love it!



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