Friday, July 29, 2005

Mother-Daughter Conversation

A conversation with my youngest daughter (written with my apologies to Irish men everywhere)...

We were riding along, listening to a Van Morrison "talking song". Here's how it went:

Daughter: Why does he talk like that?

Mom: He's Irish, that's his accent.

Daughter: I want to marry an Irish man.

Mom: Irish men have hot tempers.

Daughter: Is Daddy Irish?


  1. Ha ha! I think we're all a little Irish at times!

  2. T'is true about their tempers! My husband is 3/4 Irish- Black Irish they call them- and he can sure let it fly- but just as quick and it's gone! That's the Irish devil in 'im! God bless the Irish, though- a good and hearty people!

  3. ahhhhhh...out of the mouths of babes!!

  4. It's not true about all :) we've got friends from Ireland here, and the husband is great :)

    Kids are a bit wild though - but they are English and lived here in Finland for years. ROFL

  5. I had an uncle who was Irish, seldom got mad, but alway used his ethnicity for an excuse when he did...........

  6. That's hilarious! A true keeper!

  7. I was married to an I know for sure that the Irish certainly have no claim on being hot-tempered! (apologies to all italians reading this)

    cute post :)

    God Bless.


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