Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Gator Blogging

Things have been a little slow around here, but I have been inspired. First there was Friday Cat Blogging, and then, from the great state of Texas, The Princess of Everything (and then some) came up with the idea of Friday Cow Blogging. I am following in the footsteps of The Princess of Everything (and then some) and offering a new feature for your perusal, Friday Gator Blogging. I can most probably guarantee at least six weeks of exciting gator action, because I know I have at least six gator statue pictures on my computer. After that, I'll have to get out and take more pictures. I wonder if the Princess will run out of cows before I run out of gators? I'd also like to challenge SpookyRach to start a series of Friday Tombstone Blogging. Anybody else got anything interesting they'd like to expose on Fridays? It's an easy post, one where you don't have too think much.

The gators all have a theme. I think this guy is standing next to a pirogue, and the mesh/wire looking thing is a crab trap. He is wearing a pair of the classic white rubber boots (Louisiana "Reeboks") that crabbers and shrimpers wear. In many of the coastal areas, these are the kinds of boots you see stuffed between the cab and bed of pickup trucks (In the rural parts of Louisiana, where most of my family is from, you would see cowboy boots or leather work boots).


  1. I LOVE the gators! And nope, I will not run out of cows for a long time!!!

  2. You sure that guy is in Louisana? I swear I saw him here today at the grocery. His outfit is common apparel around here. I like the friday gator idea.....good grins...and like my friday Bono pic's (for me at least) a nice way to end a week. when you run out of gators, you could just do "yard art", you know those wood cut outs of some lady bending over with big bloomers hanging out....I'm sure yard art varies from state to state.

  3. Like the gator. When I was but a young lad, or at least a whole lot younger than now, there was a newspaper comic strip that was simply entitled "Pogo", I believe. The artist, as I recall, was Walt Kelly, and his work portrayed a possum, Pogo Possum, and his swamp buddies. It's famous for a series that once had the animals involved in a "war" that eventually ended when one of them reported back to the general that they had finally met the enemy and "they is us"! One of this group, however, was an alligator named Albert and he smoked a cigar. Might make a good subject to root out when you run out of your present supply of Friday representatives?.........

  4. Hey! Cool Gator!

    I may have to take you up on the tombstone challenge. Could be fun!

    Ayekah - Unfortunately, Bloomer-Butt has transcended all boundaries and is flashing her posterior all over Texas.

  5. "Anybody else got anything interesting they'd like to expose on Fridays? " - now THAT is a dangerous question.
    But I like your gator. I have no exposing urges but will enjoy everyone else's I'm sure.

  6. Annie, thought I'd answer your CD question over here....I'd definately get the new one called How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Don't let the title throw's packed full of great tunes. Lots of religious undertones. All their music is quite like that. Great music to clean house to....and since you like VM, you'd like them too.. it's the Irish thing.......:)

  7. POE(and then some): I'll look forward to seeing more of those cows!

    ayekah: This guy may have been in your neck of the woods recently! I think there are probably at least thirty or so of these gators around town. (and thanks for the Bono info)

    Jim: I remember Pogo. I don't think I read him much, but I am familiar with his quote, but did not realize the context behind the quote.

    spookyrach: Yep, Ms. Bloomer Butt has been seen flashing her posterior over here too.

    captainwow: Can you believe I said that? I am sure I did not mean it in that way!


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