Monday, August 08, 2005

Reality Contact, & Orientation to Time & Space

A friend wrote "reality contact, and orientation to time and space. . . that's the first step." It was intended as an off the cuff response to something silly I had said.

Goofy me, once it was explained that it was meant to be a joke, I liked it, and thought it sounded like a good little checklist for those times when we tend to panic about the drama that surrounds some of us. (Blessed are those who are never surrounded by drama. I used to be one of them.)

I can see myself asking myself, "okay, what day is it, what time is it, and where am I now?"


  1. You're safe until you start asking yoursself "WHO am I and how did I get to this present location?"......

  2. **applause!** Ya, this is about being present? which is an antidote to panic and anxiety (Eastern Thinkers have no problem with this)
    This should be manditory teaching in the Western Church. Be Present.
    -- this is on my mind a lot lately... so maybe I'm mis reading you but that's how your post hit me. A great saying - even if they meant it as a joke. :o)
    Leave it to people like us to take those off the cuff remarks so seriously! HAHA

  3. Jim--Oops. Too late now. I already asked my self those questions, and she answered, "well, honey, you ain't who you think you are and danged if I know how you got here".

    CptWow--Yeah, I find some of my most serious thoughts in the most ridiculous places. I know I have wasted a lot of my life by either looking back, or looking ahead, while neglecting the place where I was. It's hard sometimes to stay in the present.

    I think it is good advice, spookyrach (who kicks like a man!--Way to go, by the way!)


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