Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Gator Blogging

Is it Friday again, already? Here's a gator who stands in front of the Bell South building. It's not a real good photograph. I should have moved around and somehow gotten an angle where that window was not directly above his head. Oh well, if only bad photography was my only worry...

My son was bitten on the thumb by a crab last week. (He's been crabbing with my father-in-law a couple of hours away from here, in an effort to keep him "clean" and out of trouble.) He was home over the weekend and complained about it hurting, but it did not look bad. Yesterday my father-in-law called and said he had taken him to the doctor because his hand was swollen and infected. Son had to have a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and goes back in two weeks. Father-in-law says it is nothing to be messed around with, says it is a bacterial infection, says he has seen people lose hands and die from it when not treated.

Last weekend, he busted his forehead when he put his face too close to a rifle he was shooting. After the fact, the adult he was with shows him how to hold the rifle so the scope will not hit him in the face. It was a nice little gash, that left his flesh on the scope of the gun, for which my son apologized, but it seems to be healing well. The boy can have the weirdest little accidents, even when he is clean and sober.

The hard part is being here when he is there, and knowing he is hurting, and not being able to "ta-ta" him in person.


  1. Love this gator. He almost looks like you surprised him. I hope that your son is better in all ways.

  2. Great Gator!

    ...left his skin on the scope!? Ow! Ow! Ow! It sounds like he is having an exciting summer. Hope it goes well for all of you.

  3. great gator.......must be why my Bell South bill is so high, their busy puttin' up gator statue around the south. Yipes!! Boy's do get into weird accidents. Good thing your Dad took him to the doc. Almost lost my thumb like that.......oh, posted the friday night pic early, just for you!!

  4. Eeeek- so the crab bit him or did the crab get him with a claw? Crabs actually have mouths? Too weird... hope the poor kid makes it through OK. I think I'm gonna have to start a Friday night pic thingie- you have a gator, Ayekah has Bono- hmm... who could I possibly get?

  5. Ouch! sounds nasty. Hope that your son heals swiftly and completely.

    God Bless.

  6. ya, them's some weird accidents.

    I remember having to tell my co workers once i got my bruises and scrapes falling out of a tree. (I was 25)
    and not too long ago I opened the car door on my own head. brilliant! Got lots of sympathy and smirks and giggles out of that. "You did WHAT?"

  7. Hey Annie! Sorry to hear about your son ... but then again, he'll have some great funny stories to tell when he gets a little older!
    :-) Know what you mean about him being there and you being, well, the other there; guess when they grow up we parents get to do a little more growing up of our own. We're never quite done with that growing up business, are we?

  8. as an aside, you are now where near as neurotic as m2...that I have faith in..


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