Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bug's Eye View

Thanks for all the comments on those "thangs" I do. I am working to figure out what, if anything, I might want to do with them. I'll probably be a bit scarce in the next week or so. I don't like it when I get scarce. I am always afraid I will miss something! But I've got a few things that need tending to in my real world.

I was already sprawled out in the grass like a dog (resting after throwing softballs with my daughter!) so I figured I may as well go ahead and snap a few photos.

The changing of the seasons seems to energize me. That is a good thing, because softball season has started for my youngest so she has practice one night a week.

And I signed up for a photography class that begins Monday night and meets two nights a week. The class lasts six or eight weeks. I forget when it ends.


  1. It's so good to hear you are moving forward with your creative side! I wish I could find the time/place to take another photo class - I could sure use the brush up.

    Beautiful pics as always, Annie. Really, really beautiful.

  2. You are already having warm days there! I'm envious!
    :-D The photo class will be so exciting! You are already such a great photographer, that it will be REALLY neat to see what you learn and all the cool new things you do.
    And there's always an extra piece of cake for you, anytime you stop by! ;-)

  3. Ugh. I know about softball season. My husband is the coach, so at least he has to take the kid to practice, not me! ha ha!

    Love your photos. As usual. Can't wait to see what you come up with in your photo class.

  4. Are those little crocuses? What's the plural of crocus? Croci? Maybe, I don't know. You're good posting flowers, I was going to post a picture of the black snake I found in my flower bed last week...always a sure sign of spring when the snakies are about!!
    I am so glad you are taking that class. It will be great and you'll get out of the house a couple of nights!!

  5. Oh, photography class sounds like so much fun!
    Yay for you, Annie!

  6. Annie,
    Can I link to the Parable of the Heart from March 6 for the Ringing of the Bards Poetry Carnival. Go to my blog for more info on it and leave a comment if I can.

  7. good for you!! Wnd, hey, if you don't need all of it -- send some of that energy my way!! I could sure use some!

  8. I love your shots of spring. Here, the snow is just starting to melt!

  9. Our tulips are just beginning to head out. Narcissus has already bloomed and I missed the photo ops. Have fun in your class!

  10. I gotta find a photography class one of these days. I have been taking pictures for so long. Two 35mm SLRs film cams gathering dust that I am sure are antiques by now, since I took up with a digital SLR a few years ago. Every time I sign up for a class it gets canceled because there aren't enough people taking it. But then, I could probably teach my own class anyway, lol.


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