Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Parable of the Heart

(I was trying to recreate the look of the "Simple Philosophy" piece and did not succeed so now I have three slightly different versions of the same thing!.)

Have you ever been hurt by someone and you close your heart tightly and vow never to allow yourself to be hurt again? Have you ever held too tightly to a friendship because you were afraid to let go, afraid you would lose the friend? Have you ever just settled for the way things are now because you were afraid that what you had was a good as you were going to get?

We cannot be free to give or receive if our hands are holding our heart, or a friendship, or the "status quo" in our lives too tightly and too protectively.


  1. I hate it when you are talking about me. I am so this way.

  2. did you write this?? simple and powerful...

  3. Yes, what bjk said.

    I like the first one the best.

  4. Uhh...been there, done that.

    Guilty as charged.

    But hey - at least I learned to let it go, right?

    Now I get to see it all come tumbling back to me again because my hands are finally empty!

  5. Um... yes, yes, and yes...
    Beautifully done, Annie.

  6. yes, yes, no.....I always think there's something better lurking out there, if only I could find it....the elusive whatever... I like the middle one.

  7. Mindy Tis only my own self I am speaking of!

    bjk Yes I wrote it. Thanks.

    Thanks RachThe first one, huh? I would not have figured you for liking the pink!!

    JulesYes, I think you have learned a lot, and I have enjoyed watching as things tumble back to you.

    RCJ Thank you ma'am, and you too Linda!

    Ayekah I think you are the queen of seeking the "something better", even while accepting what is. You inspire me.

  8. It's SOOOO scary to let go of this heart. Thank you for this post!

    This is my first time visiting, and I'll surely be back!

  9. This is wonderful too Annie. What talent.

    One of the things about being a Christian is that you have to let go - whatever it is you are holding onto so tightly - it's then that the deep healing can begin, with Jesus holding you and your heart safe in His hands instead of you clutching and protective your heart in your own hands.

  10. Well put in image and word. Think the 2nd image is my fav for what it's worth.


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