Sunday, April 22, 2007

Be Still My Worried Heart

Have I mentioned that we have been to Houston for the last three weekends in a row, visiting my son at the Positively Happy Rehab Center?? We have. And he seems to be doing quite well, thank you very much.

On the other hand, Mom is entirely another story. She has had a little trouble with worrying about the precarious nature of recovery and she's also been dealing with various unpleasant memories of the past few years.

I suppose it is normal, when a family goes through something like this, for there to be some adjustments that need to be made when the drama calms down. One of those cases where you do what needs to be done at the time, but when all is said and done, you start looking back and wondering how in the world you did what had to be done without falling apart, and you slowly begin to unravel (and yet you know--you made it through by the grace of God).

I keep remembering how it was, and now I need to stop that and begin to make new memories of how it is.

We sat around a table at Positively Happy Rehab Center and played Yahtzee. We laughed. We cut up. We said the blessing before we ate. We talked. I am so grateful.

(You see, even good news sometimes comes with a cost. Dealing with the worries and the memories may be part of what is behind my feeling depressed lately.)


  1. that is because mother is tender-hearted and a bit gun-shy (in a manner of speaking) and that is totally normal.

    try to take it -- you know, it is cliche but true -- one day at a time, one baby step at a time. guard your heart as best you can, but give all of it to God to handle. He's pretty good at the balancing act :)

    love you, girl.

  2. Making memories in the present - that's a good way to live.

    I LOVE the TinCan Man. Did you make him?

  3. Tin Can Man does indeed rock.
    Here are some good vibes for your mother-heart. When one member of the family is in Rehab, the whole fam damily is in Rehab, whether they want to be or not, eh?

    Thanks for bloggin!

  4. I'm glad things are looking up. And I guess a small un-ravelling of relief is in order!
    I laughed at your tin man -- I have one like it in my back yard, made by a friend -- only mine is painted UT Orange! (go Vols!)

  5. Reading you and sensing no words to give, Annie. You say it all so well within the scope of what you yourself write. I hear His peace at work, His hand upon your life.
    still here and enjoying that which you share. I love the tin man. My oldest grandson was just in a drama production of Oz that his school tackled......

  6. Yikes! My monitor has been slowly dying for several weeks now and it finally bit the dust over the weekend. We got a new one tonight...I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Penni Thanks for the "one day at a time" reminder--sufficient unto the day are the troubles thereof (or however it goes!)-that's the King James version of one day at a time! And God does do a good job of balancing things...when I let go and allow him to.

    Rach I did not make the tin man, but I googled and found a link for making one. I'll try to send it to you.

    Captainwow "When one member of the family is in Rehab, the whole fam damily is in Rehab, whether they want to be or not, eh?" Amen, sister, amen!

    Thank you, Princess! I am loving watching your little cow drama unfold!

    Linda I can just picture that orange tin man!

    Thanks Jim. I am glad you are still around. I feel like I have been wandering around an awful lot lately. Surely I will find my spot and something good will come of it eventually.

    The Oz production must have been an ambitious undertaking. I bet it was fun for them to do.

  7. I LOVE TinMan! Families... eeeesh. How about a dad who forgets what day your birthday is?! Well it was a sort of *Good news bad news* thing. He forgot the day, that was bad, but the good thing was, he wasn't as late remembering as he thought he was! LOL

  8. Annie, healing hurts! We've been going through our own reflective stage here. I know exactly what you mean.

  9. Yatzee and cutting up is very therapeutic for depression. I am praying for you.

  10. Flutterby That's too funny! Don't they always say "better late than never"?!!

    Patti I suppose you are right that healing hurts.

    Cyndi Thanks!


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