Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Gator Blogging

I was out trying to take pictures for my last photography class and we were stopped at the red light, right beside this gator so I decided to get his picture. There are plenty more to be taken. I just have not gotten out and taken them. You can see the magnolia on his nose and the pelican on his belly.


  1. :-D Neat! Do you have gators all over town? (We have bears -- and hound dogs -- that have been decorated by local artists.)

  2. I like the gator! Are there more? Like Mindy's cows? We have baby dinos over in the big town. Nothing here though. If we did it would probably be giant Intel computer chips stuck all over the place.

  3. Linda & flutterby There are gators all around town. I have more photos of them. I went and marked most of them with a gator label if you want to go back and see them.

    And yes, they are like Mindy's cows, in that they are sponsored and decorated by different people (I am wondering now how much gators "cost" as compared to Mindy's cows) and don't tell our Chamber of Commerce, but I like the cows better!!

    Hey Rach Thanks!


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