Sunday, August 19, 2007


Actually, the words said "Hurricane forming near Gulf. Keep gas tanks full." These are electronic warning signs along the freeway in Houston. One of the news sources called them Amber Alert signs. The first one I see on the way in to Houston is in Winnie and it usually has information about the ferry that goes to Galveston because that is where you would get off the interstate if you wanted to go to Galveston by ferry.

The center where my son is staying has a plan in place. Occasionally I consider asking if he can be released to my aunt if Houston has to evacuate, but then I start to worry that he might get out of the groove and not want to come back. We visited Saturday and he seemed to be okay with whatever they do.

My husband left this morning for a business trip to Las Vegas. Yesterday one of the girls called saying her sister's mother's brother's baby mama works for the weather service and she said that Dean had moved into the Gulf and they were going to order mandatory evacuation Monday morning. She wanted my husband to call the head honcho and tell him. Hubby said he thought maybe she ought to tell that news.

I got all stirred up and tried to check Dean's location online and my computer was slow as molasses so I got a bit annoyed but eventually discovered that Dean was still in the Atlantic.
That is the stuff that bugs me to death when a storm starts to form, all the hype that comes up while we wait to see what will happen. I suppose I should just consider it side show entertainment. I used to, but that was before Rita, before I had actually experienced an evacuation.

We'll know more Tuesday or Wednesday, I think.


  1. Thinking about you and hoping all is well.

  2. How funny that you mentioned Winnie; I have family there. My father and my grandfather were born there. And with family still all along the coast and in and near Houston to Beaumont, I worry about the storm even though I don't live there anymore. (I don't miss hurricane season one bit) Hub leaves tomorrow for Denton and he's been busy for a week now kicking off all the preparedness stuff. So I can't even pretend to ignore it.

  3. Praying for you and your family, Annie. Oh this is just the scariest thing...this waiting and wondering. At least in the Midwest, the sirens go off and boom - it's all over.

  4. It is weird, I commented on a recent post to say go the the meme post and it disappeared. Anyway, I left another one back there.


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