Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Wow! Post every day for thirty days and then disappear for six! I thought my computer had finally died Monday evening, but it turned out Ma Bell was having a few problems and I could not get online. I'm still here.

Some of you will remember this recent
post, where I ruminated about the perils of possibly being "outed" in my real life as a blogger because someone I knew was starting a blog.

That someone is Candis and she is the mastermind behind a process she calls Thinkwriting. I joined one of her groups back in May. It has been an interesting and frustrating six months for me. The problem, I think, is mainly due to my personality and my tendency to be somewhat guarded. I am getting better at it. I have learned a few new things about myself. I also enjoy the camaraderie. It's one of those things I do for me.

Anyway, go check her blog out and read a little about the process of Thinkwriting. Leave a comment for her if you are so inclined. You know how it was when you first started out and you loved getting new comments! She is the third person from my real life who knows about my blog. I am excited that she has started blogging and glad to see her commenting here (Hi Candis!).

(Yes, I've posted the cow before but I really like her and I was ruminating, again!)


  1. Wow! Double wow! I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog - such a surprise!... and I must admit...I did feel a slightly accelerated heart rate when I saw the word Thinkwriting in the heading. Thank you for including me in your post - (and right after the booty shot - gotta love that!) New post on my blog coming soon, BTW...."Daddy's Money."

  2. I was expecting the first comment would be from the Cow Queen herself, lol. But I was wrong. I LOVE that cow and the tesx. That would make a great poster, lol.

  3. rumination can lead to illumination!
    I like the piece, I'll have to think about going to read about thinkwriting! haha

  4. I love the cow! And I'd wondered where you disappeared to ...

  5. Candis I wish I could have done a better job of explaining the process! I'm glad you started the blog. The poll is an excellent idea.

    Flutterby I think the Cow Queen saw it the first time I posted it! Glad you like it.

    Captainwow Go check it out. She doesn't bite (at least, I don't think she does!) It is hard to explain and words on a screen hardly do the process any justice.
    But it is powerful, and interesting.

    Linda Thanks! I'm around, but you know we are heading into the time of running to and fro (and I am perpetually disorganized these days)!

  6. That gives me a lot to think about

    I am in love with that cow. ~she said as she prints the pic out~

  7. Mindy I love that cow too! Hope the pic comes out nicely.


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