Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras

Sorry, no bootie shots this Mardi Gras. I started out to at least get a couple of shots before the parade actually started. I brought my 35 mm film camera and my digital. I wanted to take a few black and whites with the film camera but Walgreen's did not have any black and white film. I went on to Books-a-Million to pick up a book I had ordered. They are located about midway through the parade route. The traffic was already horrendous and people were milling about like ants. I decided to bring myself home and take a nap. Besides it was supposed to rain and the wind was blowing something fierce and it is hot and humid today. We had to turn the air conditioner on last night. See? Just thinking about getting out in all that crowd keeps me from thinking happy, pretty, smiling thoughts!

There is a dark side to Mardi Gras, or at least, I see a dark side. Honestly? I just did not want to get out in that mess this year. I know a lot of people are having a good time and no harm is done, but I tend to see mostly the drunk people or the teenagers walking around stoned and my mind (and heart) takes all that in as a horrible loss and a waste. I've walked too close to the devastation that pills and alcohol can do to enjoy such an event. I think of parents who must be at home worrying about their teenager and wondering if this will be the night they get a phone call from the police, or worse, the hospital. Tonight I say a prayer for these folks who wander aimlessly about the parade route, and for the officers who are out in force trying to keep the worst from happening, and for the people who wait at home for them. May God bless them all and help the lost and hurting to find their way.

I did manage to find a bit of odd beauty in the day. I shot this interesting mushroom in my front yard. It's unique look makes me smile.


  1. Phooey!! Now my Lent will be all haywire without those pictures. They do after all sort of epitomize all that you said. Folks acting like the body part which you are photographing.

    You mushroom is bee-yoo-ti-ful!!

  2. LOVE the pic! I am glad that you listened to your heart and took a nap. Sometimes life is hard with your eyes wide open.


  3. Is it just me or does that mushroom appear to have its "hands" raised and its "mouth" open and worshipping its Creator?

  4. Very cool - both the thoughts and the picture.

  5. Mardi Gras has just totally been ruined by the *dark side* of life. I love the mushroom. I kinda miss seeing things like that here in the desert.

  6. I wouldn't want to go to Mardi Gras either for the same reasons.
    That is a beautiful photo Annie.

  7. Well, when you put it that way...I. too, love the picture. I can't imagine having anything green and/or growing in my environment right now. Everything is white and grey and frozen.

  8. Ayekah Hope you enjoy the newest bootie shot!

    Princess of Everything Thanks for the hug!

    Jim Maybe so, now that you mention it.

    Thanks SpookyRach!

    Flutterby Like some other holidays, it has been commercialized too much, I think. It's big business now.

    Cathy Glad you enjoyed the photo.

    Patti I can't imagine so much "white and gray and frozen" for such a long time! Hang in there. Surely spring will arrive soon!

  9. Annie -- I hate out of control crowds, too - and naps are good. THe mushroom reminds me of a tulip...


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