Friday, February 01, 2008

Smiley Thoughts

Can you believe January is gone? I sure can't! I am behind on my blog reading and commenting. There has not been much excitement around here. The weather has been crazy, warm one day and cold and wet the next.

I've been trying to think of a theme for February that would encourage me to post more regularly but so far I have not come up with one. For now I will just write about a few things that made me smile...

Tonight I saw the most clever billboard for a Cajun seasoning. There was a picture of the bottle of seasoning and the words, "As seen on Okrah" (I think there might have been a plate of fried okra on the billboard too). I just cracked up.

The last three mornings when I take the dog out, I can hear a rooster crowing somewhere in the distance. I live in the city limits. I have no idea where this rooster lives, but it makes me smile to hear him "cock-a-doodle-doo-ing"!

I remembered the little made up (boring) lullabye I used to sing to my eldest daughter while trying to get her to sleep when she was small...

Close your eyes,

just relax,

think a lot of pretty, happy, smiley thoughts,

and soon you will be dreaming

of rainbows and moonbeams.

I think for February, I will try and focus on thinking a lot of pretty, happy, smiley thoughts while I wait for brighter weather (and dream of rainbows and moonbeams!--Hey, I never said I was a
good lullabye writer!).


  1. Glad you are feeling perky... and thanks for sending your nice weather this way, I was beginning to suffer from that seasonal affective thingy.
    AND, since you're feeling so perky, get that camera ready for the big parade on Tuesday because you know it just won't be Lent without your butt shots!! I thank you in advance for the piccies I know you will hustle downtown to take!!

  2. You do butt shots? I guess I will have to stay tuned :).

    I am glad January is over - and hey your lullaby writing isn't too shabby!

  3. Oh yes, butt shots. Happy, smiley, rainbow butt shots!

  4. I miss the butt shots!

    I want to see a pic of the billboard. Just your describing made me laugh.

  5. I'm liking your smiley thoguhts!

    I'm gonna steal that okra idea...

  6. I am stealing too. I think I want to put the mushroom picture on my desktop for a while. I think it is speaking to me.
    Did you feel that (?) or maybe I am just spiritually connected to mushrooms this Lenten season.


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