Friday, March 07, 2008

The Library is Fun, Being Irregular is Not

I am still unwired. The phone suddenly started working and I thought everything had fixed its self, but no, it has not. So here I am at the library again. I am way behind on my blog reading and commenting. Reminds me of the days when we came home after Hurricane Rita.

It's very interesting here at the library, I must admit. I have been listening to a mother and daughter looking at baby furniture. They just left because their minutes were running out and she could not finish her check out procedure. They have now left the building and are going to the store to "just buy it". I think they are headed to KMart. They have to hurry because "it go off sale tomorrow". They are going to put that baby in a black baby bed. Can you believe that? Black is not a baby color, in my humble and correct opinion (unless maybe, you are SpookyRach).

And when I went to check my Yahoo mail, some poor schmuck had forgotten to sign himself out. I had fun sending him an email from his own address, telling him how important it was to be sure and sign out, especially when using a public computer. I told him I could have made a big mess if I were a dishonest person up to no good.

Our temperatures have been in the low 40s, and they may dip into the 30s tonight. Is that not crazy? My redbud tree is blooming. That is my personal harbinger of Spring. (Is harbinger a real word, and does it mean what I mean it to mean in this context? I will have to look it up after I make this post. The library does not have the browser where you can open more than one tab.)

I have enjoyed reading all of your comments. Y'all are so funny! I'll be back around regular before too long. I miss being regular. : (


  1. Seriously, you should win an award for best blog title. I am ROLLING here!

    Here's to wishing you "get regular" real soon.



  2. Are you saying you are "irregular"? Kind of personal, don't you think?? :)

    Really and truly, I hope you get things straightened out at home with your connection. You MUST be frustrated!

    And... black for baby furniture???? Mercy!

  3. Jules I knew someone would crack up at that title!

    Cathy Yes indeed, I am certifiably "irregular", but it's not the kind of irregular that can be corrected with lots of fiber!

    I have not been too frustrated so far, but I am fixin' to start getting real frustrated! It's really my own fault. I have not made the time to be home when the repair guy can come.

  4. We are "buried" here in northern Kentucky under 10-14 inches of snow. That's pretty "irregular" for us. The vision of your rosebud beginning to bloom would be a welcomed sight around here right now......

  5. Isn't it funny how the conversation always winds around to ones personal habits? Is it an age thing or what, all this talk of bowels, fiber and regularity? And yes harbinger is a real word and yes you used it appropriately. Even if you aren't regular.
    Black is an awful color for a baby bed. What the heck are they thinking?

  6. You are funny, too, annie!

    Thanks for the shout-out on the baby bed. I would totally go for that, except for the fact that babies are so NOT a spookyrach thing. ha ha! (I am 37 years old and I have never, ever, ever changed a diaper. *knocks on wood*)

    I'm cracking up at the title, too. I hope your connection gets fixed soon. What a pain in the butt!!!! Besides, I miss your regularity! :)

  7. Rach just shot herself in the ass I think. We'll be planning her baby shower blog any day now. annie, I would go totally INSANE if my service was gone this long!!! Just ask mindy... I cannot usually even stop for lunch if I am out for the day without checking my email from my cellphone, lol!!

  8. I think it is a hoot that you sent the guy an email from his own email address! I would have never thought about that!

    I have had to check email from the library at times. Freaky is a word I would have used to describe it here. Like, use a wet wipe to clean the keyboard kinda thing.

  9. Aw -- a black baby bed would be very chic. Maybe. I don't know -- I don't have babies any more. I'll bet the spit up would show up more on it, though, so it's a bad idea.

    And harbinger is a word that means -- precursor b: one that presages or foreshadows what is to come. So you did good.

  10. ANNIEEEEE?????? Still no connection???

  11. Cool - loved that you sent the guy an email.

    When my old computer crashed, I went to the library to check email. I sat among row after row of men looking at porn. Yes indeedy.


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