Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Regularity: It's Not All It's Cut Out to Be

I am "regular" again, and posting this from my house! I feel like I have a lot to write about, but I'd rather y'all just somehow read my mind because for some reason, I am feeling lazy about posting! I'll be back in a day or two with something...


  1. Well yay! Glad you're hooked back in...

  2. Glay you're back! And I understand the mind reading thing. I'm feeling sorta lazy too.

  3. Hey - I bet it feels better to be able to post from your own terra firma.

    Trying to read your mind........will see if I am correct when you post (giggle).

  4. Oh man...something I have to work at ~whines~

    We will be right here when you decide to come back and entertain us.

  5. Are you kidding me??? We waited all this time for you to say "See you in a few?"

    It's a good thing I love ya or I'd be down there kickin' your can, woman!

  6. glad to have to back and regular...
    I can do that mind reading thingy, women folk are good at doing that, at least if you listen to what most men say (which I don't) Happy Easter and hurry up and post something because another one of our traits is being impatient.


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