Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nervous Yammering

I have a job interview Monday at 11:30. I have to think of my excuse for why I am leaving work for a few hours Monday morning. I will run home and get dolled up (we wear company polo shirts and jeans where I presently work), go for the interview, run back home and get "undolled" and then head back to work.

I've kind of let my appearance (and my wardrobe) go in the last few years, so I had to put together an outfit, got a haircut, and put one of those temporary colors in my hair to color the gray (I've only done that once or twice before--I don't have that much gray!). To my surprise, the color lightened my dark hairs along with coloring the grays and now I have a reddish glow to my hair, which is what the box said the color would do. Actually the box said: use this color for "radiant color that will set you aglow". I don't know about glowing, but I was practically delirious laughing at my almost red-headed self as I was drying my hair!

Hubby was the one who said "maybe you should get some of that stuff and color your gray hair". He never tells me what to do, but in the past when I have colored my hair he has not been too thrilled with me doing so. So when he put the idea in my head, I jumped on it.

I had a weigh-in at Curves and I have lost 3 little pounds and a half inch in a couple of places and have lowered the amount of fat in my body. How they know I have lowered the fat, I do not know, but I will take all the positive news I can get. I am slowly making better food choices.


  1. Better food choices, new beginnings, progress, all good! And I've been "conditioning" the grey out of my hair since I was 35.

    Good luck today!

    PS: I've been fine, just overscheduled with conferences. And that friend I posted about is so over burned out. She does need a change. She's hated her job for years, I think.

  2. All that is such wonderful news and you sound so excited!

    It is 11;13 here right now and I am praying for you doll. Let us know how it goes!

  3. Well, the interview is over by now. Here's hoping it turns out for the best. Can you tell us what type of job it is?

    Got my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hope all goes well with the interview this morning. I told my wife once that I liked red hair. We were stationed in Spain at the time and, when whe went to the beauty parlor, she asked for red, came out with neon orange looking like Bozo the clown. She cried for weeks....

  5. Patti I don't think I'll be "conditioning" the gray out of mine too often--too much trouble for me! Glad to hear you are fine. I feel for you friend, it is a miserable feeling to be so unhappy in a job.

    Princess Mindy Thanks for the prayers. I am sure they helped keep me calm!

    Thanks Spooky I will write about it soon. The interview went well but a decision will not be made till the end of the week.

    Oh Jim I hope you had the good sense not to laugh at her "Bozo" hair at the time! But I bet it is a special memory now!

  6. I am glad the interview went well! Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  7. Glad to hear the interview went well. Loved the story about your radiant glow.


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