Monday, June 02, 2008

Old Answers

Heads up folks! I've got a few things on my mind and I am about to reveal some of the contents here!

My muse appeared on the scene a week or so ago and helped me write an essay thingie that I thought was going to be about Memorial Day and the losses of war. It turned out to be something a little different. I will post it later this week.

Then she (my muse) shows up early one morning and we put together another one of "them thangs I do". I'm posting it here today, just to see if it speaks to anyone else (and maybe
what it says to anyone else!). I've got a friend who knows about these kind of things and we disagree on the clarity of this one so I would appreciate your feedback.

That's about all I want to say, because I believe these things, like poetry or a photograph, or drawing, need to speak for themselves. The viewer needs to be free to see or hear whatever they need to hear or see. That can't be controlled by the creator of the piece.


  1. Wow, that echoes of sadness, doesn't it?

    I love the photo effect you chose but (and this is just me, personally) I'm not a big fan of the pink. Maybe it's just the shade of pink? Not sure...)

    The last paragraph - perfection. Your muse did good, girlfriend. :-)

  2. Annie,

    The only thing “obscure” if whether you speak out of some personal experience encountered. The picture and the overlaid words certainly bring forth a message the Church needs to learn. People mean well, but hurting individuals don’t need theology. They need the reality of what the Gospel states; and, by that, I mean a touch of the peace that the Holy Ghost can bring to such situations. Better if we keep our mouths shut and simply provide support, allowing Jesus to minister in whatever manner and in whatever time frame as He sees fit.

  3. I feel like there are two threads woven into that. That people expect their prayers to be answered in the way in which they expect, and how they react when they are not. And then often times in turn with that, they will seek to explain that (which is not explainable) on what Jim called theological (and I got what he meant) but it isn't even theological.
    It's more like gratuitously; without regard or thought to what comes out of their mouths. You really hit a nerve here with me on these things. Vinegar indeed...

  4. Um - I like this a lot. And I really love what it provokes in those who see it - Jim's comments are powerful...

    Good work, girl!

    (still reading regularly, just no time to comment much!)

  5. Ayekah: You are very right in there being more than one "thread" woven into this scenario. Humanity sits on both sides. Thus God wants to work on both sides. It's just that one side is, at the moment, much more vulnerable, open to be healed, open to be hurt. My use of the word "theology" (and emotions are often hard to read from print. You offend me not at all.) is but intended to denote the inane attempt we all make to put God in a box. Always-He is more, and able to testify for Himself when we are willing to surrender unto His reality. I apologize if this sounds like a sermon. Annie's site has been a favorite place to visit for a few years now, her art and her communication being food for my soul. You, too, are recognized as one of those who gather at her oasis...

  6. This is really good, annie. I love your "thangs". You remind me of a poem that has showed up on several tombstones I've photographed lately. I'm always drawn to it - it's like watching a train wreck. The theology is horrid and I can't imagine why people see it as any form of comfort. I can't remember it exactly, so I won't misquote it here. I'll find it at home and try to post it.

    To me, it seems these kinds of comments paint a picture of God as just plain evil. If God "needed another angel" he could damn well make one rather than killing your child. *shudder*

  7. This is the reason I just hug and keep my mouth shut at times like this. I hate all the "things people say" and mostly it is just rude to say what I feel like saying in church. So I just pat the back and say, "There, there" or nothing at all.

    When I click to enlarge I can see the background with handwriting and scribbles and whatever...what is that? It is spooky, like messages from GOD or whatever... I like it a lot.

  8. I clicked it and made it large, the background squiggles were appropriately eerie to me. A muddier pink would have felt better to me, but the stark pink made me feel that the little girl deserved a longer, pinker life.

    It was too thought provoking, I wanted to keep reading but I knew that by the time I got to the bottom of the page I would become uncomfortable.

    In My Head, the child was a victim of assault and the "he" who knew was the assaulter who was physically able to walk away, yet emotionally he couldn't. People/church were praying in the wrong direction because the victim here has been saved, prayer now goes to the sinner.

    I've never done this before, I am sure I sound like a newbie moron, forgive me for I, too, wanted to weigh in.

  9. Jim, I did get your original intent totally. And I agree wholeheartedly with your second comment as well. No need to apologize to the one who always seems to have her own sermon right at hand!! :) I am so onboard with you on the God in the box thing as well. Having been on the receiving end of comments like this provokes this sort of response from me...and I am trying to be polite..ask Annie, she'll tell you I am being rather tame here. :) Let me hush otherwise I'll end up writing an epistle.

  10. Good Shtuff...

    The old answers don't work for me anymore either... and I've heard crap like this when people were trying to be comforting - it is indeed like vinegar.

    you're really good at these

  11. Hey Jules! Yes, it does have echoes of sadness but I think once you realize the old answers don't quite work, you begin the quest for answers that do work and you are better able to minister to other hurting people because of the experience.

    Pink, pink! I seem to be enamored with the color lately. I add it on a whim, thinking of a photograph that a child had marked on with a crayon and since the photo is a girl, I chose pink. Red might have been a more symbolic color. Of course, pink could also be the color of innocence (or Pepto-Bismol, for when those old pat answers make you want to gag!).

    Jim I agree with you about the need to keep our mouths shut in cases like these. Some things can never be adequately explained no matter how we try and at times like that, it is best not to try.

    This was not my experience, but the experience of a friend.

    I agree Ayekah and I know you could come up with plenty of examples of the horrible things we do to others in the name of the Lord (sometimes unknowingly) if only I would help you get up on the soapbox! That was the thing that hit me, the question of how I wanted to behave towards God when I did not get my way.

    Beth I'm glad you like it, and pleasantly surprised at the thoughts that have been stirred up with this one.

    Jim You have a great understanding of what I am thinking with this piece. And no, you don't sound like you are preaching here! Thanks for you kind words.

    Rach Leave it to you to find some theologically lame poetry to illustrate our points!

    I think sometimes if we would just stop and listen to what comes out of our mouths we might realize what a disservice we are doing to God by working so hard to explain the "bad" things that happen in our lives.

    Cynthia The Cajuns would refer to that as one way of "tah-tahing" someone, patting them on the shoulder and saying something like "there, there". It's a pretty good strategy I think! Sometimes words are not necessary at all.

    I am so pleased you noticed the handwriting and scribbles in the background. It was one of the ways I was trying to portray several layers of emotion in this piece.

    I was also just trying to make things look messy because so often life is messy and not wrapped with easy answers.

    Aww, Carrie that is one of the fun things about doing these things, hearing the different thoughts that are stirred up by them. I like knowing that they can be seen as saying many things. There are no right or wrong answers when looking at it!

    Ayekah Just let me know when you want to preach and I will offer you a "guest spot"!

    Thanks Captainwow, I am glad you stopped by and I am doubly glad you like this one. Thanks for the compliment!

  12. Finally! I can comment. I have already written to you to tell you how I felt about this piece. I am not an art person...I am a craft person. But this...this speaks to me. This is art.

    Why do we have to feel the silence with words? Why can't we just love and hurt with people? amaze me. It is like you have crawled into my heart sometimes.

  13. Hey Princess! Thank you so much for your encouragement.


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