Friday, June 27, 2008

The Beginning of the End

Today I gave my two weeks notice. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel badly about disappointing them and causing them the trouble of having to find and train someone else, but it was time for me to "get out of Dodge". In the end, they will be all right, and so will I.

If you have some extra time, click on the link to "Postcards From Yo Mama" in my second blog list on my sidebar. Some of those posts are hilarious (and altogether believable)!

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I came across this quote in yet another blog I read faithfully but never comment on. I will have to add it to my links.
"My basic philosophy is one of being well-prepared and exercising the greatest caution but believing that if I have an accident on the trail and end up being food for the vultures, it's better than a nursing home. Rest in peace." --Ralph Ramey
The guy is 79 years old and has written two books on hiking. I'm seeing his quote as a great metaphor for approaching change in life. In the next two weeks, I figure I will be "gnawed on" by the "vultures" at my old job but I also know that I am getting myself off that trail before the gnawing becomes fatal! I've made my choice and I am as well-prepared as I can be to deal with the consequences. That is about the best I can do. And if I start feeling too "gnawed on" then, by golly, I can pick up my backpack and move on down the trail!

I may have put this one up here before, but it seems especially appropriate for a new beginning...


  1. I'm thinking of that old song, Annie: "Come on and walk on the water with Me". Keep your eyes on Him, reach for His hand, and let life come to you. You will make it, my friend...

  2. They'll be fine. You'll be great. Life as we know it will move on and, quite possibly, get even better.

    Enjoy the new job Annie!

  3. I can't wait to hear how the new job goes. I know you must be excited, 'cause, hell - I'm excited and I don't even "know" you. ha ha!

  4. You have been gnawed on a while now...and surely time to hit the trail...what great quote that is. Will have to save that one, will look good on my fridge. I am totally pixilated for you and your new job!! Good going girlie!!

  5. ever did you find that postcard blog? That is the funniest thing going! I need to send that link around to my friends who need a daily laugh!

  6. I know this transition time will be exciting and challenging at the same time. I am going to have to check out this postcard thing.

  7. I LOVE the quote!! Especially considering where I was and what I was doing much of the time I was there!

  8. yes my family - DD, hubby and his parents and TS.

    love the quote

  9. Jim, Yes, I will make it, by the grace of God.

    Thanks Jules! You are so right, like will go on!

    Thanks Rach, for being so excited for me! I expect it will all be very interesting.

    Ayekah, thanks! Glad you liked the quote. If crazy mama boss gnaws too much more, I am going to have to pick up my purse and walk out the door early! Will let you know how it goes.

    I don't remember how I found the postcards from mama site, but isn't it a hoot??

    Cathy, yes, exciting and challenging! Do check out the mama postcards, they are hilarious.

    Flutterby I am glad you survived it all and did not become food for the vultures!

    Lorna, You have a lovely family!

  10. Yee haw!!! :-D Good for you!!!


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